GMA T.33 - A V12 with luggage space

Gordon Murray Automotive’s two-seater coupe supercar, the GMA T.33, was recently revealed with a $1.85 million price tag. The new supercar stays true to the company’s design aesthetics taking nods from sports cars of the 1960s, combined with cutting-edge aerodynamics, design, and technology. Its lightweight carbon fiber body houses the world’s finest naturally aspirated 4.0-liter V12 that revs to over 11,000 rpm and has 607-hp.

The GMA T.33 takes the aerodynamics used in the GMA T.50, the world’s most aerodynamically advanced supercar, and adds a new Passive Boundary Layer Control (PBLC). This addition means the system, as a whole, is 30 percent more efficient with PBLC and the discreet active rear spoiler in use. The GMA T.33 has no waste, with every component carefully scrutinized for its design, production, and weight, as the car weighs in at just 2,400 pounds.

Design and Body

Designed to be mechanically superior to modern-day sportscars, the GMA T.33 is the lightest supercar in its class. The car produces greater agility and responsiveness everywhere, from its carbon-fiber body to its aluminum ‘super-lightweight’ architecture. The intelligent engineering used to build the T.33 generates unmatched efficiency levels and vehicle dynamics for greater driver enjoyment.

GMA T.33 - A V12 with luggage space

“With the T.33, our second all-new car, we gave ourselves a very clear brief: to create another timeless design. It has been designed and engineered to the same exacting standards as our T.50, with the same emphasis on driver focus, performance, lightweight and superlative, pure design, but the outcome is a very different motor car,” said Professor Gordon Murray CBE. “This is a car where comfort, effortless performance and day to day usability are even more front and center in its character.”

The exterior and interior have been designed with beauty and tactility to present a stunning yet simple design. Each part is purposeful, so the classically designed car will enhance the driver’s enjoyment and reduce any distractions while on the road. Aluminum stylings are on display throughout the interior, from the rotary controls to pedals, adding the essence of sport from the driver’s seat. Elsewhere, the 120mm floodlit analog tachometer and the exposed gear change mechanism will delight every occupant.

Engine and Performance

At the heart of every sportscar is its engine. The new naturally aspirated Cosworth GMA T.50 V12 does not disappoint whatsoever. At a little over 390 pounds, the engine produces 90 percent of its maximum torque available from 4,500 to 10,500rpm and produces 615PS at 10,500rpm. Owners can choose from either Xtrac’s H-gate six-speed manual or IGS (Instantaneous Gear change System) six-speed paddle-shift gearbox, based on their comfortability. The former H-gate gearbox is the lightest supercar gearbox in the world, while the IGS paddle-shift presents no torque interruption during shifting.

GMA T.33 - A V12 with luggage space

The supercar has a range of 450 miles and, almost astonishingly, has real luggage space – something unique for a car in this class. Production is strictly limited to 100 models, guaranteeing exclusivity, with the first deliveries from early 2024. There’s no doubt about it – Gordon Murray has done it once again with the T.33.


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