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Yas Marina Circuit
Yas Marina Circuit
Yas Marina Circuit

The Yas Marina drag racing experience allows customers to drive a muscle car or a Mercedes E63 on a dragstrip multiple times under the supervision of a driving instructor. This is a great way to get introduced into drag racing. After the safety briefing, you watch the instructor drive for the first run. On the next run, you drive with the instructor by your side for guidance. If the instructor is happy with your progress, you will be allowed to drive by yourself for the rest of the session. While in the car alone, the instructor communicates with you via radio.


Yas Marina has a collection of Chevy Camaros and Mercedes E63s to choose from. Naturally, the E63 cost more than the Chevy, but it’s worth noting that the price difference isn’t that significant.

Customer Care/Safety

There is a reasonable safety briefing with an instructor before going on to the dragstrip. The session includes a short lecture and video. One thing we didn’t like is the fact that you can’t cancel your reservation or postpone the date for any reason once the booking is complete. This is the first time we’ve encountered such a harsh policy. Other than that, customer care is top notch.


There is a dedicated drag strip with a reasonable length at the Yas Marina circuit. It is equipped with speed and timing information so the driver can get feedback on every run.

Experience Video

Yas Marina does not offer a video of the drag racing experience.

Bottom Line

This experience is excellent, but it’s better to go along with someone you can race against to get the most out of it. Otherwise, you will have to drive alone and compete with yourself. Information about your speed and time is readily available, so if you’re merely looking to improve your time and technique, you can’t go wrong with this experience. Just make sure you’re willing to forego the money if you can’t make it to the experience.

**Since this is our first drag racing experience, we were lenient with the scores. We will re-evaluate this after checking out at least two more drag racing experiences.

  • Cars
    8/ 10
  • Customer Care/Safety
    8/ 10

Score: 4 Star

Location: Yas Island, Abu Dhabi UAE

Website: Yas marina Circuit Experiences

Relative Cost: $

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