Voyager Havens

A curated list of remarkable tourist destinations


Szechenyi Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary


Budapest is a city of contrasts. New meets old in the Hungarian capital as modern structures built post-Iron Curtain and the city's communist-era remnants rub elbows. As a...

Big Harbor Canal, Gothenburg, Sweden


Gothenburg is situated on the west coast of Sweden. The city is a little over five hours southwest from Sweden's capital Stockholm, which is located on the opposite side of...

Barbo fountain, guild houses at Grote Markt square, Antwerp


Antwerp brings thoughts of diamonds and jewelry houses that trade the expensive stones. But the Belgian city isn't just famous due to its position in the diamond industry....



Singapore's food culture is influenced by the many peoples who have relocated to the country over the years. It is a melting pot of foods with some of the most mouthwatering dishes you will find in Asia. Chili crab is an iconic Singaporean dish and must be eaten on a visit to the city. Two versions of the dish are served around Singapore; you can get crab combined with spicy tomato chili sauce or crab spiced with black pepper sauce. Legend has it that chili crab was invented in 1956 by a couple seeking a way to cook crab in other ways than steaming it


I had the privilege of stepping into the cockpit of a gorgeous Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2. From the moment I was inside, the seats felt like an old friend wrapping me in a warm embrace...


From the first recorded games on the Steppes of Mongolia to the gin-soaked cavalry clubs of India and the emerald pitches of England and the pampas of Argentina, polo has always been a truly international sport...

Palm Springs

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is an outdoor lover's dream. The city offers great weather, hiking and biking trails, golf, and access to the nearby desert and mountains. Palm Springs welcomes...

Duomo di Milano


Milan is one of the top tourist destinations in Italy. While it doesn't have Rome's ancient sites or the beaches of the Amalfi Coast, Milan offers visitors its own exceptional...



Seattle may not be the first American city that comes to mind when considering a trip around the United States. However, the city offers a unique experience to visitors. Seattle...

Toulon, France


Toulon is situated on the south coast of France and kisses the Mediterranean Sea. The French city has less than 170,000 citizens. Toulon is a part of the French Riviera......

Austin, Texas


Austin is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Due to the number of start-ups and international corporations relocating to the Texas capital, the city has...

Colosseum, Rome


Rome is likely one of the first cities that comes to mind when thinking of a European vacation. The Eternal City is filled with history, architecture, and must-see attractions...