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Porsche Formula E
911 RSR
F1 Track Limits

Reaching my limit about track limits

We are only one race down in the 2021 Formula One season, and the issue of track limits has already raised its head. The gray area of gaining an advantage has long been left ambiguous. With Max Verstappen and his attempt to...


Extreme E Desert XPrix

Welcome to Extreme E

A brand new motorsport enjoyed its debut race with a host of familiar faces. Extreme E's inaugural event saw F1, WRC, and Rallycross champions duel in the Saudi Arabian desert. The marketing of Extreme E guaranteed...


Odds Against Perez

The odds against Perez in 2021

As debuts go, Sergio Perez's first weekend for Red Bull was as frustrating as they come. Not just for Checo, but for us onlookers, too. The conversation about what's going on with the second Red Bull seat has been many fans'...


F1 Bahrain GP 2021

2021 Bahrain Grand Prix Review

Formula One was back this weekend; and back with a bang. The season opener at Bahrain lived up to all expectations. For the first time in years, Red Bull starts the season with the fastest car on the grid. But the relentless...


F1 Testing 2021

What F1's 2021 preseason testing told us

Only a fool would try to learn anything from Formula One's pre-season testing. Yet after those three days in Bahrain and starved for an F1 race, that is precisely what those who should know better try to do. So call me a fool...


Drive to Survive Season 3

10 Things learned from Drive to Survive S3

Yes, it's overly dramatic, and yes, hardcore fans can spot the heightened narratives. Yet there are plenty of golden nuggets in every season of the show. And the latest release is no exception. Here are ten things we learned...


Formula 1 2021 Lewis Hamilton

F1 2021 Driver Preview - Frontrunners

As the 2021 Formula One season approaches, we sit at the start of a rather unusual season.There are two new teams for 2021, three rookie drivers, four driver-transfers, and one returning world champion. We look into...


Formula 1 2021 Carlos Sainz

F1 2021 Driver Preview - Midfielders

The midfield fight was intense last season and looks set to be just as fierce this year. With a certain Spanish champion returning to the sport, too, the scraps in the middle of the pack will be captivating. Here are those you...


Formula 1 2021 George Russell

F1 2021 Driver Preview - Backmarkers

Formula One is back for 2021! There are new faces and many a driver change. The three rookie drivers will likely be scrapping towards the back. But where will each finish? We take a look at 2021's likely backmarkers...


Formula E Diriyah ePrix

Formula E makes a dramatic return

Formula E returned for season 7 in dramatic style at Diriyah. Nyck de Vries and Sam Bird were the two race victors in a weekend full of red flags, horror crashes, disqualifications, and Patriot missiles. Yes, really...


Cyril Abiteboul Leaves Renault

Removal of Abiteboul - Deserved?

Fernando Alonso returning, the Aston Martin name on the grid, racing in Saudi Arabia... There are a lot of changes for Formula One. It is easy to overlook with everything else going on is Cyril Abiteboul's departure from...


Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 2021

The boring truth of Hamilton's 2021 contract

The late timing of the announcement allowed the internet to turn into a frenzy over the winter. Speculation about Hamilton demanding a veto or Mercedes using George Russell as a pawn proliferated forums. When the press...


Alex Albon Red Bull DTM

Alex Albon to race in DTM

2020 didn't go to plan for anyone on the planet. Yet even taking the global pandemic out of the equation, it would still be a miserable year for Red Bull Racing's Alex Albon. In early 2021, however, his upcoming season is...


Economics of Racing

The Economics of Racing

Competing in motorsports is very expensive. To make matters worse, the economics can be quite challenging to understand. This article will cover the basics of how the motorsport industry works and what is needed...



Roborace: Is driverless racing possible?

Founded in 2015, Roborace promises to bring futuristic racing to the public, with fully autonomous cars competing in test events around the globe. With automobile manufacturers such as Tesla and Chevy...



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