Exploring the Exotic Green Spaces of Monaco - A Botanical Journey

By FORTLOC Staff 06/17/2024
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Place du Casino

Image: Shutterstock.com/bellena

The gardens of Place du Casino (Jardins du Casino)

Jardins des Boulingrins

Image: Shutterstock.com/photosmatic

Jardin de la Petite Afrique contains tropical species from exotic locations in the South Pacific. Jardins des Boulingrins, on the other hand, is a more formal garden with symmetrical layouts, lush lawns, and a variety of exotic Mediterranean flora. Visitors can stroll along shaded pathways adorned with ornamental statues and classical fountains, immersing themselves in the serene atmosphere that complements the grandeur of the casino's architecture.

Jardin Exotique de Monaco

Jardin Exotique de Monaco

Image: shutterstock.com/Kirk Fisher

Located on an elevation in the principality, Jardin Exotique de Monaco offers breathtaking panoramic views of Port Hercules and the Mediterranean Sea. This botanical garden is renowned for its impressive collection of succulents and cacti from around the world, thriving in the rocky terrain of the cliffside. A highlight of the garden is the Observatory Cave, home to a remarkable stalactite and stalagmite formation, adding an element of geological wonder to the horticultural bliss.

Saint-Martin Gardens (Jardins Saint-Martin)

Jardins Saint-Martin

Image: Shutterstock.com/ldgfr photos

Located in Le Rocher between the Oceanographic Museum and Place du Palais, the Saint-Martin Gardens offer a picturesque blend of Mediterranean flora, historic monuments, and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. This terraced garden delights visitors with its lush greenery, shaded pergolas, and colorful flower beds.

Fontvieille Park (Parc de Fontvieille)

Fontvieille park

Image: Shutterstock.com/Mariangela Cruz

Situated in the Fontvieille district, Fontvieille Park is a contemporary urban park that combines recreational spaces with Mediterranean landscaping. This expansive green oasis features walking paths, sports facilities, and children's playgrounds, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists seeking outdoor activities. Palm trees, olive groves, and aromatic herbs thrive here, creating a serene, relaxing environment.

Princess Grace Rose Garden (Roseraie Princesse Grace)

Roseraie Princesse Grace

Image: Shutterstock.com/Margarita Hintukainen

Japanese Garden (Jardin Japonais)

Jardin Japonais

Image: Shutterstock.com/Laborant

Located within the Monte Carlo district close to Fairmont Hotel, Jardin Japonais offers a tranquil retreat inspired by traditional Japanese landscaping principles. Designed by landscape architect Yasuo Beppu, this oasis features winding paths, serene ponds filled with koi fish, wooden bridges, and meticulously pruned bonsai trees. The park's teahouse and Zen garden provide contemplative spaces where visitors can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.