Horacio Pagani Musuem, San Cesario sul Panaro, Italy

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Pagani Museum in San Cesario sul Panaro


Outside of the community of exotic car fans, the name Pagani probably won’t ring a bell. However, despite this relative obscurity, the machines coming out of the assembly line in the small factory in San Cesario Sul Panaro, Italy, can best be described with one word, “Art”. For the uninitiated, you only need to take one look at one of the Pagani models to appreciate the fact that beyond the power under the hood that makes these machines qualify as hypercars, the striking designs of these cars are the work of a legendary artist.

That artist, Horacio Pagani, and his alluring artistry are celebrated in the Pagani museum. Located close to the Pagani factory, this museum is a place all fans of cars and the combustion engine should definitely consider visiting.

Compared to other top sports and luxury car brands that have museums such as Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari, and Lamborghini, the Pagani Museum (Horacio Pagani Museo) in San Cesario Sul Panaro, Italy is rather small. Perhaps, that shouldn’t come as a surprise since the company is significantly younger than the others and has limited its scope to the hypercar market.

Pagani Museum - True art on four wheels

The Museum is just a few meters past the company’s factory and for a small entrance fee, visitors can explore an impressive museum. What it lacks in size and interactive exhibits like the ones available in other museums, Pagani makes up for in simplicity and aesthetics.

Guests to the museum not familiar with Pagani will quickly find out just who and what the company is all about. It was founded by Argentine engineer Horacio Pagani, who, at the age of 20, was hired by Renault to work on its F2 race car.

Pagani’s work on the aerodynamics of the F2 racer led to immediate improvements and that is how he got his start. Pagani blossomed out of his work with Renault, and over time started a company that designs awe-inspiring hypercars.

Pagani Museum in San Cesario sul Panaro


The Museum

The museum also has a Zonda S it bought back from a Middle Eastern prince on display. The car was so special to Pagani that it had to have it back in the collection.

Pagani Museum in San Cesario sul Panaro


Throughout the museum, visitors can see the progression that Pagani has made over the years. It is truly special to see how the company has aged gracefully and developed.

Museum Activities

The Pagani Museum is short on the interactive bells and whistles you’ll find in Porsche’s and Mercedes’ museums. There are no holographic tours or immersive displays. The Pagani Museum is a museum for people who love cars. Not just the look and feel of automobiles, but the art of the sports car.

Pagani Museum in San Cesario sul Panaro


Pagani has built more than a museum detailing its history. It has created a gallery that showcases art, but rather than paintings and sculptures, it has given visitors the chance to see some of the most extravagant sports cars ever designed.

Don’t miss:

- The factory tour available when visiting the museum

Pagani Museum in San Cesario sul Panaro


- Seeing the evolution of Pagani cars from the Zonda to the Huayra

- Horacio’s own personal Zonda on display

- The motorcycle Horacio built from parts he found lying around

Pagani Museum in San Cesario sul Panaro


The Pagani Museum isn’t for everyone. It is, however, for individuals that love supercars that many can only dream about. The museum in San Cesario sul Panaro is something very special. Someday, these cars may be moved to an art museum in Florence or Rome, because they are that gorgeous.




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