Mercedes is the pinnacle of German automotive engineering. It is a brand that is synonymous with luxury, power, and optimal performance. Since the company was founded in 1886, Mercedes has built a strong, loyal following around the globe.

Fans of the automotive brand seeking detailed awareness of its history can find it at the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. The city has been home to Mercedes for decades and visitors to the ultra-modern German locale can find the museum covering the brand’s extensive history.

The museum is located just beyond the gates of the company’s factory. Housed in a unique, modern building, the museum covers the luxury brand’s past and present. Thanks to its location, it receives over three-quarters of a million visitors each year. Whether car buffs or history fanatics, a visit to the Mercedes Museum is a one of a kind experience.

The Museum

The Mercedes Museum displays cars produced throughout the company’s history. Visitors will see some of Mercedes’ earliest releases with over 160 vehicles in total on display. According to Mercedes’, there are more than 1,500 exhibits for visitors to take in as they stroll across nine levels. Guided tours are also available for visitors. Guests can book a variety of guided tours with the most popular, according to the museum’s staff, being the Classic Tour. The Classic Tour takes visitors back to the 1880s when Mercedes got its start.

Other tours available at the Mercedes Museum include the G-Class, Mobility of the Future, and Engine Production Facility tours. While some car museums give visitors basic information and exhibits, Mercedes goes the extra mile to provide guests with more.

Families will find plenty to see and do as the museum has programs designed specifically for kids. Children can be creative in the Fascination Design program or learn with the Inventive Geniuses exhibit.

Did you know?

The world’s first motorcycle was designed and built by Daimler and a replica of the motorbike is inside the Mercedes Museum. Known as the Reitwagen, the motorcycle had a top speed of just over six miles per hour.

Mercedes Museum Activities

As far as car museums go, it is difficult to beat the Mercedes Museum. Visitors can sit inside two of the 160 vehicles on display and these are the Mercedes-Benz Econic NGT 2628 garbage truck and the Mercedes-Benz O 302 World Cup team bus. The bus was used by the 1974 German national soccer team.

The museum is home to the world’s first car which was built in 1886 by Karl Benz. Visitors can also see the iconic “one red Mercedes racecar”, the Targa Florio. Not far from the Stuttgart museum is the birthplace of Gottlieb Daimler in Schorndorf. A visit inside the incredible entrepreneur’s home is free. Not only is it a great venue to explore for historical purposes, but the home’s architecture is incredibly well-preserved.

Don’t miss:

The long night of museums when the Mercedes Museum stays open late

The Gottlieb Daimler Memorial

Various special exhibits including the G-Class display

Mercedes Musem Virtual Tour

The Mercedes Museum isn’t just a great car museum, but a fantastic gallery for anyone who enjoys art, architecture, and history. Car lovers shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit the museum to explore the history of the German icon.

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