Ferrari Museum Maranello, Italy

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Ferrari Museum (Museo Ferrari) Maranello


The Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy isn’t just a building filled with various sports cars. The museum features exhibitions, trophies, historical photographs, and other tidbits that Ferrari fans will love to see. Exhibits are also occasionally rotated in and out of the museum, so there's always a good reason to go back if you're so inclined.

Take a 4 minute tour of the Ferrari Museum in Maranello.

To add to the fun, the museum also has simulators that fans can use to test their driving skills. And you certainly don't want to go home without a few souvenirs from your favorite car manufacturer, so a visit to the store housed in the museum is essential.

The Museum

Ferrari Museum (Museo Ferrari) Maranello


Despite recent challenges, Scuderia Ferrari remains the most successful Formula One constructor, and visiting the museum will help cement this fact in your mind. There is no shortage of exhibits commemorating the team's rich racing history. The Tifosi (as Scuderia Ferrari race fans are fondly referred to) will undoubtedly appreciate these exhibits, likely reinforcing their pride in the team.

Visitors who are not Ferrari fans but appreciate Formula One will certainly enjoy the different F1 car displays that showcase the evolution of the sport over the years. Exhibits showing the achievements of legendary Formula One drivers, including Juan Manuel Fangio, Mike Hawthorn, Niki Lauder, and Michael Schumacher, will also appeal to all Formula 1 fans.

The museum is an all-day experience so for anyone who wants to learn about the Ferrari story or simply explore the cars on display, the Ferrari Museum in Maranello offers them the opportunity to do both.

Ferrari Museum (Museo Ferrari) Maranello


Did you know?

Ferrari Museum Activities

The Ferrari Museum offers visitors more than just the chance to see sports cars and explore the company’s history. There are a variety of activities for the entire family. One of the most popular activities is the driving simulator. Formula One fans can enter a semi-professional Ferrari Formula One single-seater and take to the racetrack. The simulator allows visitors to select their favorite Formula One circuit to race around.

Ferrari Museum (Museo Ferrari) Maranello


The driving experience is perfect for budding Formula One drivers, but what about individuals that want to be a part of a driver’s pit crew? The Pit-Stop Experience gives visitors the chance to change the tires of a Ferrari Formula One race car. Aspiring mechanics can test their skills at removing and putting on a race car tire. This makes for a great photo opportunity.

Right next to the museum is a facility that offers test drives in current Ferrari models. The Autodromo di Modena Circuit is also close by. The circuit offers driving experiences in race cars that are sure to leave a lasting memory.

Ferrari Museum (Museo Ferrari) Maranello


Don’t miss:

- Engaging guided tours with knowledgeable staff

- The Ferrari Store for authentic merchandise

Ferrari Museum (Museo Ferrari) Maranello


- Driving a Ferrari Formula One simulator

Ferrari car enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the chance to explore the museum. It offers visitors a unique opportunity to see one of the greatest automotive brand’s masterpieces up close and personal. As Formula One continues to build on its recent increased popularity, the museum is a great place to visit for new fans as they seek to learn more about the sport's history.

Ferrari Museum (Museo Ferrari) Maranello


Ferrari Museum FAQs

Which Ferrari Museum is better?

This depends on your intention. The Ferrari Museum in Maranello has information on the brand and the racing arm of Ferrari (Scuderia Ferrari), while the Enzo Ferrari Museum concentrates on information about the man behind the brand, Enzo Ferrari.

Can you drive a car at the Ferrari Museum?

While you can't drive a car at the museum, there's a car rental company in front of the museum that has Ferrari and Lamborghini models available. You can drive the car on a race track or public roads.

Can you visit both Ferrari museums in one day?

Yes. The Ferrari Museum is in Maranello, while the Enzo Ferrari Museum is in Modena. Ferrari has a shuttle that transports guests from one museum to the other. Given the short drive between both towns, you can easily drive from one to the other yourself.

Can you do a Ferrari factory tour?

Ferrari offers a guided tour of the factory and the Fiorano test track via a tour bus. However, visitors are not allowed to get off the bus during the tour.



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