Museo Enzo Ferrari (The Enzo Ferrari Museum) is dedicated to the life and times of the legendary automotive company founder. Situated in Modena, Italy where Ferrari was born, the Museum takes visitors on a trip back in time to the beginnings of the car company. While the Ferrari Museum in Maranello focuses on the cars and Formula One, the Modena museum is more focused on Ferrari the man.

Regardless, if visitors want to learn about the company’s sports cars or the man behind the prancing horse, the Enzo Ferrari Museum is an ideal location to visit. Thanks to a wealth of exhibits and activities, Ferrari fans will fall in love with a day out at the Modena museum.

The Museum

Visitors to the Enzo Ferrari Museum will see the former workshop of Enzo Ferrari’s father. The workshop was restored and is now the home of the Museum of Ferrari Engines. Visitors that love to see what is under the hood of Ferrari sports cars will enjoy seeing the company’s “most experimental power units”. The Museum of Ferrari Engines also gives travelers the chance to see engines that go into Ferrari’s most famous road and race cars. While the Enzo Ferrari Museum has wonderful car exhibits on display, the highlight of the visit is learning about the man. Car enthusiasts can gain knowledge about the legendary designer and his 90 years of life. Visitors can walk through some of the rooms in the house. It is a fascinating look into the home that has been restored to look as it did during Ferrari’s lifetime.

Did you know?

The Enzo Ferrari Museum is split into two parts. One part is the restored building that housed Enzo Ferrari’s father’s workshop. The other section of the Museum is a futuristic wing, built to appear like a large yellow automobile car hood.

Enzo Ferrari Museum Activities

The museum offers a number of guided tours giving visitors the chance to learn about the exhibits from Ferrari staff. The museum’s officials recommend 60 minutes for the guided tours. Like the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, there are two semi-professional Formula One simulators located inside. Museum-goers can sit in the simulator and experience the tarmac of famous circuits from around Europe.

Due to the proximity of the Enzo Ferrari Museum to the Autodromo di Modena circuit, car enthusiasts can take on a few laps of the racetrack in a race car. A professional driver will give thrill-seekers a briefing before sending them out onto the circuit.

Don’t miss:

The design and architecture of the museum

Older model Ferrari sports cars that are on display

The personalized experiences that offer visitors the chance to learn even more about Ferrari

The Enzo Ferrari Museum offers car enthusiasts the opportunity to learn more about the man behind the brand. Given the fact that the museum is close to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Ferrari fans should definitely make an attempt to see both.

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