Visitors to the great German city of Stuttgart are spoilt when it comes to car museum choices. Stuttgart is home to two of the biggest sports and luxury carmakers in the world and both have compelling museums. Mercedes and Porsche are the two rival car brands and both have brilliant museum experiences for petrol heads in visiting Stuttgart.

The Mercedes Museum is a rather new location for tourists and locals to view. The Porsche Museum, on the other hand, has been open since 1976, showcasing just how prestigious and revered the German carmaker has been since its inception.

In 2009, after over 30 years of the original Porsche Museum being open, the company unveiled a completely upgraded and expanded gallery with new exhibits and displays for visitors to explore.

The Museum

One of the coolest aspects of the Porsche Museum is the changeable displays that are on show. Curators at the museum rotate exhibits using a pool of around 300 cars. There is a good chance that visitors may see something completely new on every trip to the Porsche Museum. Although the original museum opened in 1976, it was rather small and the venue didn’t really take off until it was re-opened in 2009. The re-opening of the museum made it possible to compete with Mercedes’ dynamic historical exploration.

The Porsche Museum has about 80 cars on display at any one time. Of course, exhibits are rotated bringing what has been called a “living museum” to life. There are around 3,000 images, drawings, and other documents for guests to view. The museum has permanent sound and video installations adding to the great exhibits for visitors to explore on a visit.

Did you know?

Porsche was founded in 1931, yet it wasn’t until the 1950s that a logo was created for the car brand. Dr. Ferry Porsche created the logo in a New York City restaurant sketching it on a napkin. The emblem is the Stuttgart coat of arms combined with the Wurtemburg coat of arms and the name Porsche written over the top.

Porsche Museum Activities

Visitors should be sure to see the Porsche Holographic Design Tour, which is a hologram of Porsche Designer Matthias Kulla, who explains the classic design features and styles of Porsche. Visitors will see the hologram presentation while a real-life Porsche 911 is used as an example right in front of them. The holographic tour is just one of the cool exhibits that make the museum a must see.

Of course, guests can learn about Porche’s celebrated history that dates back to the 1930s. Temporary exhibits include; 50 Years of the Porsche 917 – Colors of Speed and 50 Years of Porsche 914 – Typically Porsche. These exhibits are short-term but since the museum does rotate displays, they could return.

Don’t miss

The rotating exhibits as there is always something new to see

A factory tour that can be combined with a visit to the museum

The chance to rent a Porsche and drive it on the open road

Porsche is one of the most iconic sports car brands in the world, and its museum excels at teaching visitors about its great history. Stuttgart is flush with car museums from two great automakers, and Porsche’s entrant shouldn’t be skipped over.

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