The Spanish Steps - A Blend of History and Luxury

Kaweesa Abubakr 04/12/2024
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Rome Spanish Steps - Europe's widest and longest staircase.


Popular among visitors to Rome, the Spanish Steps are located in an interesting part of the city where you'll find many of the most popular tourist attractions. At the top of the stairs, you have Trinità dei Monti, a late Renaissance catholic church with an intriguing obelisk by the main entrance. At the bottom, you have Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Square), one of the most popular squares in Rome. The square has a beautifully designed boat-shaped fountain called Fontana della Barcaccia, with water sourced from a 19BCE aqueduct.

Rome Spanish Steps - Europe's widest and longest staircase.



Designed by architects Francesco de Sanctis and Alessandro Specchi, the Spanish Steps structure is a fine example of Baroque architecture, a highly ornate and theatrical style that emerged in Italy in the 17th century and spread across different European countries.

Rome Spanish Steps - Europe's widest and longest staircase.


Characterized by grandeur and drama, Baroque architecture is renowned for its elaborate decorations and dynamic forms. The Spanish Steps embody all these tenets with a total of 135 steps ascending in a captivating set of flights (drama), spanning a total of 3,000 meters squared (grandeur), and covering a steep hill of close to 29 meters. Primarily made out of travertine stone, the stairs elegantly incorporate the use of bricks, marble, and plaster.


The initial idea for the stairs was conceived by Pope Gregory XIII, who wanted a staircase to connect to the recently completed Trinità dei Monti. This explains the official Italian name, Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti ( the Stairway to the Church of Trinita dei Monti).

Rome Spanish Steps - Europe's widest and longest staircase.


While you certainly won't face a shortage of places to visit in Rome, a tour of the Spanish Steps is highly recommended. Apart from its beautiful exhibition of Baroque architecture, the stairs take you on an incredible historical journey.

Surrounding attractions like the luxury shopping stores in its vicinity and its proximity to Rome's other landmarks make it an even easier recommendation.

Rome Spanish Steps - Europe's widest and longest staircase.



Where to stay - Hotel Hassler Roma

There's no shortage of 5-star hotels in Rome. However, if you'd like to be close to the attraction during your visit, you have one great option. Situated atop the stairs, close to Trinità dei Monti, Hotel Hassler Roma offers a solid accommodation option for guests with a lovely aesthetic that neatly complements the stairs. The roof-top terrace also offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Eternal City. It's likely to be your favorite part of the hotel.

Rome Spanish Steps - Europe's widest and longest staircase.


You'll love the hotel's excellent service, inviting "family-run inn" vibe, and its Michelin-starred dining experience at the Imago restaurant, which has over-sized windows so you can enjoy wonderful views of the city while you dine.

Shopping at Piazza di Spagna

One of the most famous squares in Italy today, Piazza di Spagna is synonymous with luxury thanks to the tens of luxury boutiques, designer and jewelry stores, and luxury watch retailers close to it (mostly along Via dei Condotti and all the way down to Largo Carlo Goldoni). When you decide it's time to shop, this is the place to do it.


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