Anglo Racing Academy

Formula Ford car in Sydney Australia
Formula Ford car in Sydney Australia
Formula Ford car in Sydney Australia

It's hard to believe that anyone would need extra motivation to visit a place like Sydney. However, if that is you, perhaps this will help. Anglo Racing Academy offers an open wheel experience at the Sydney Motorsport Park. You get to drive a Formula Ford on a pro race track in the beautiful city of Sydney. How well does it stack up to other experiences?


There’s only one type of car available here. It’s the Formula Ford that’s still in use for pro racing events across Australia and other parts of the world. It doesn’t look like much in person, but it’s a very agile little open wheel race car.

Customer Care

Like most other open wheel experiences, a racing suit, helmet, and shoes are provided. No gloves though. Customer service is as expected with courteous and helpful staff all around. No unpleasant surprises.


The safety briefing involved a 10-minute talk followed by a short video. The instructor was patient and helpful. However, the absence of gloves and a Hans device is a significant omission. We believe these experiences should be insisting on Hans devices. Especially for open-wheel experiences when you're in the car all by yourself.

Race Track

Sydney Motorsport Park is an FIA Grade 2 track licensed for both cars and motorbikes. While not quite a GP track, there’s more than enough reasons to get excited about the track.

Damage Liability

The driver is responsible for any damage to the car. There is no option to purchase liability to avoid this, so it’s essential to be careful out on the race track. The absence of an insurance option isn’t the norm for this kind of racing experience, so this sticks out.

Experience Video

Our video recording ran into a technical issue and could not be recovered. However, we were able to view a recording for another customer which revealed wobbly video. At least it didn’t have any branding which is always nice to see. It has to be said that it is a bit too expensive considering what you get.

Bottom Line

The experience is an excellent one for anyone who hasn’t tried open-wheel race cars before. The race track certainly beats provider specific tracks and customer service is great. While this experience comes highly recommended for open-wheel newbies, the absence of insurance is a significant omission, and something drivers need to keep in mind.

  • Cars
    8/ 10
  • Customer Care
    8/ 10
  • Safety
    6/ 10
  • Race Track
    8/ 10
  • Damage Liability
    4/ 10
  • Experience Video
    4/ 10

Score: 3.5 Star

Location: Sydney, Australia

Relative Cost: $$

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