Everyman Racing – “World’s Largest”?

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Supercar Driving Experiences in the UK


Everyman Racing (AKA Driving Experience UK.) is a provider offering driving experiences to the public at different race tracks in the UK. The provider claims to be “the world’s largest driving experience company”. Since we don’t know what they mean by that, it’s hard to challenge the statement. However, we will say that they have more variety in the experiences they offer than any other provider we’re aware of.


Everyman Racing has a fleet of supercars that is close to the best experiences out there. The notable recent additions include the McLaren 720S and the Lamborghini Aventador S. They also have a handful of movie cars and single seaters. While the collection of single-seater cars isn’t particularly impressive, the overall fleet is good enough to compete with the best in the business. Everyman Racing also has rally car experiences which are different enough to warrant a separate evaluation at a future date.

Supercar Driving Experiences in the UK


Customer Care

Customer service was decent throughout the whole process. There really isn't much to complain about, and you're likely to walk away delighted with the experience. Well, there was the rain, but you can't blame that on the provider. If you're visiting the UK, you have to get used to that.


There was no formal safety briefing like you’ll find in most other places. The briefing you get is at the car and is given by the instructor. Other than that, standard safety measures are in place.

Supercar Driving Experiences in the UK


Race Track

At the time of the review, Everyman Racing operates at a total of 16 race tracks across the UK. Our experience was at Lydden Hill, Kent. The track is a mile long and is used for different categories of the motorsports as well as motorcycle racing. While this is a relatively short race track, it has enough long straights and challenging chicanes to keep all but the most enthusiastic drivers happy.

Experience Video

Unfortunately, the USB stick the experience video was supposed to be on was empty, so we can’t evaluate the quality. However, our complaint was properly handled by the provider, and the process of attempting to recover the video was initiated.

Damage Liability

There’s a ₤5,000 deductible for collision damage. This can be bought down to 0 for an extra ₤20. For some reason, you can only make this payment by phone and not on their website or at the race track.

Bottom Line

Everyman Racing is a great driving experience where you can try out an up-to-date fleet of supercars as well as other specialty cars. The availability of specialty cars makes this experience stand out. This is a premium experience at a fairly decent price. While we’ll stop short of granting it an editor’s choice award due to the video problem, missing formal safety briefing, and the extra charge for full insurance, we’re comfortable with recommending this experience. Meanwhile, if you decide to give this provider a try, be sure to insist on viewing your experience video before you leave.

Update: Everyman Racing was unable to recover the video. They refunded the amount paid for the video. While the gesture is appreciated, it’s not enough to change the score.

  • Cars
    9/ 10
  • Customer Care
    9/ 10
  • Safety
    5/ 10
  • Race Track
    7/ 10
  • Experience Video
    6/ 10
  • Damage Liability
    7/ 10

Score: 4.5 Star

Location: Lydden Hill, Kent (available at other locations in the UK)

Website: Everyman Racing

Relative Cost: $$


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