Dream Racing Las Vegas - 'Fast fun' in the Mojave desert

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Car at Dream Racing Las Vegas

Image: FORTLOC/Khalid Bari

Dream Racing Las Vegas is one of the best supercar driving experiences in the world. Now, that’s a bold claim and it’s based on our experience so far but if you take a close look at the lineup of supercars they have and you factor in the GT race cars as well, it’s difficult to argue against the statement. Dream Racing is located in the famous Las Vegas Motor Speedway and they have 2 race tracks they alternate through depending on the event schedule at the speedway.

Up until recently, Dream Racing was the only driving experience in Las Vegas where you could enjoy a drive in a real race car by a well-known manufacturer. Even though this is no longer the case, Dream Racing remains a premier driving experience vendor and the only one with two different race tracks at the same location.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to choose which track you drive on. The active track depends on the activity at the Las Vegas Speedway, so if you can’t get enough of these driving experiences, carefully timing your trips will ensure you experience a drive on both tracks.

Driving the Performante and Super Trofeo

Dream Racing’s location right in the heart of Las Vegas Speedway gives it an advantage over other driving experiences in Las Vegas. The ambiance of a venue that hosts professional races adds to the excitement of the experience. However, this advantage comes at a cost.

The speedway is 19 miles away from downtown Las Vegas and rush hour traffic can be absolutely brutal. Add to that the presence of driving experiences with comparable cars much closer to the Las Vegas strip, and it’s a little more difficult to justify the long drive. So what do you get for enduring the drive in the desert?


Car at Dream Racing Las Vegas

Image: FORTLOC/Khalid Bari

Customer Care

Dream Racing has a warm inviting lounge area. However, unlike Exotics Racing they don’t have a VIP room and their repeat customer incentives are not well advertised if at all they exist. Exotics Racing trumps Dream Racing in this category.

Car at Dream Racing Las Vegas

Image: FORTLOC/Khalid Bari


A very detailed safety briefing is given before the driving session. This includes a video that provides information about the track and driving on a race track. You also get to drive in a simulator that mirrors the Dream Racing track before going out to the car. If you're driving one of the race cars, you have the option of driving with a racing suit.

In general, Dream Racing is a bit more flexible (compared to Exotics Racing) in what they allow, but that may not necessarily be a good thing. Regardless, this is a very safe experience.

Car at Dream Racing Las Vegas

Image: FORTLOC/Khalid Bari

Race Track

The race track is comparable to the competition. In fact, they have 2 different tracks at the same location but you won’t be able to choose which you want to drive on so it’s not much of an advantage. They decide which to use based on the event schedule at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  

Inside Road Course - This 1.2-mile long track with nine turns is right in the middle of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Turning speed for the corners range from 80km/h to 135km/h (of course, this depends on how comfortable you are with cornering at these speeds). The straightaway length isn't the longest you'll encounter in Las Vegas, but it's long enough to allow you to get up to 220km/h. That should be more than enough for the average amateur.

Car at Dream Racing Las Vegas

Image: FORTLOC/Khalid Bari

Outside Road Course - This 1.2-mile 10-turn track is situated in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway parking lot. It has elevations and bumpy corners that should amplify the excitement. It also includes two fairly lengthy straightaways. There is a heavy braking zone at the end of the front straightaway and some fast chicanes all around to keep you on your toes for the whole drive.

These tracks have enough of a difference that repeat customers should explore driving on both to see which one they prefer.

Damage Liability

Full insurance with no deductible is included in the price you pay for the experience. It's worth noting that some providers charge a premium fee for insurance and insist on a heavy deductible if an accident occurs. So, 'free' full insurance isn't something you can take for granted. Maneuvering a racecar on a track can easily go wrong, so not being stuck with a huge bill after an accident without a need for an extra payment is a big deal.

Car at Dream Racing Las Vegas

Image: FORTLOC/Khalid Bari

Experience Video

The quality is acceptable but not great. A little less branding will also be helpful.

Car at Dream Racing Las Vegas

Image: FORTLOC/Khalid Bari

Bottom Line

If you want a great supercar or GT race car experience, Dream Racing Las Vegas is a great bet. This comes with a caveat though. If you’re someone who’s looking for a more advanced race track, there are other options out there. They also lose points for not having any open wheel car available but this isn’t much of a disadvantage since most comparable experiences don’t offer open wheel cars. If open-wheel cars aren't important to you, Dream Racing Las Vegas is as good as any other experience on the planet.

  • Cars
    10/ 10
  • Customer Care
    8/ 10
  • Safety
    8/ 10
  • Race Track
    8/ 10
  • Damage Liability
    10/ 10
  • Experience Video
    7/ 10

Score: 5 Star

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Website: Dream Racing

Relative Cost: $$

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