Navetta 30 - A new dimension in design

Another from Italian-based Ferretti Group, the Custom Line Navetta 30 is one of several yachts unveiled by the company in 2020, adding to a growing list of impressively designed yachts under the Custom Line brand.

A collaboration between Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee, led by Piero Ferrari, and the Group’s Engineering Department, the Nevetta 30 seeks to export Italian excellence to the world, with a promise of luxury, comfort, and class-leading safety.

Measuring 28.43m in length and 7.3m in the beam, the Navetta 30’s wide-body build means that it comes with four decks, a somewhat impressive feat for a yacht in this segment. The extra deck gives the boat plenty of room for relaxation and fun activities, giving it an edge over many boats in the same space.

The NAVETTA 30’s exterior was penned by renowned architect Filippo Salvetti and spots a beautiful silhouette that cleverly incorporates both sporty and contemporary design cues. The boat’s three decks look ever so stunning from afar with curved black windows complementing the boat’s elegant carbon-fiber body.

Sun Deck

The sun deck measures 32 square meters and is accessible via a spiral staircase from the upper deck. The deck is furnished with freestanding furniture, including a large sofa with two independent chairs alongside it. On the opposite end, a neat bar table for three is the perfect spot to enjoy a drink, while two sunbathing beds are available on the bow area of the upper deck.

Interior Design

The yacht’s interior features leather, steel, and wood carefully mixed and matched together to produce a look and feel that, as the company puts it, “provides a fresh, modern take on the traditional nautical archetypes.” Designed by Citterio Viel, the Navetta 30’s total area of 323 square meters easily makes it one of the roomiest boats in its class, with three interior decks, including the upper deck, the main deck, and the lower deck.

Upper Deck

The upper deck’s cockpit houses a dining area with a table for 10, a wide sofa that spans the entire width of the deck, and a small but beautiful separate (partitioned with glass) living room space. A door in the living room leads to the wheelhouse, the home to the boat’s advanced integrated navigation system.

Main Deck

The main deck’s 33 square meters of space make it the place you’d want to spend most of your time if you’re a sucker for relaxation. The deck’s large blue fabric sofa, fridge area, cabinets, and stowed away TV make it a wonderful spot for interior relaxation, with huge windows giving occupants a panoramic view of the sea.

The cockpit area of the main deck is very welcoming and is separated from the lounge by sliding glass doors. It is here where you will find a large L-shaped sofa, a nice center table, and two seats facing the sofa.

Lower Deck

On the lower deck, the 30 square meter owner’s cabin is the main attraction as it is furnished with all sorts of amenities for the owner’s comfort. A study room with a view of the sea, a walk-in closet, and a dedicated bathroom are some of the most notable inclusions. The lower deck also houses four guest cabins, each with a bathroom of its own and three crew cabins.

Engine and Performance

The Navetta 30 comes equipped with two MAN I6 engines, each producing 800mhp. The boat’s maximum range is stated as over 2000 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 10 knots, while a top speed of 14 knots makes it one of the best performing boats in its class.

Other (more powerful) engine options are available for buyers to select from, and a plug-in hybrid propulsion system that minimizes CO2 and NOX emissions is also an option. A LOOP system from Naviop-Simrad helps manage the yacht’s propulsion, navigation, and systems monitoring via a set up of either six 24-inch monitors or six 16-inch monitors.

A marvel in its class, the Navetta 30 offers space, comfort, performance, and unmatched style for its occupants. Those are four things that make it the boat to beat in its segment and a must-have for anyone looking for an outstanding yacht.

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