Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO - The AMG Track day Apex

Nida Anis 11/17/2023
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Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO

Image: Mercedes

The new car is powered by an AMG 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine. Its basic output of 707 hp can be ramped up to 750 hp when the innovative Push2Pass function is activated by pressing a button on the steering wheel. This unique feature offers a temporary boost in power that gives you an extra edge, helping you maximize your on-track performance.

With a sequential six-speed racing gearbox with modified gear ratios, adjustable four-way motorsport shock absorbers, and a rear-axle transaxle transmission configuration, the GT2 Pro can handle the most challenging of circuits with power and precision. Like all Mercedes-AMG race cars, the car’s transmission is connected to the engine with a high-torsion carbon-fiber torque tube, increasing the efficiency and responsiveness of power delivery.

Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO

Image: Mercedes

The GT2 Pro isn’t just aerodynamically efficient – it’s also visually stunning. The car’s special matte grey full-paint finish is complemented by separately finished decoration stripes and GT2 Pro logos, highlighting its racing pedigree.

The newly designed rear-wing endplates and the bright, lightweight carbon elements in the bodywork seamlessly blend in with the rest of the car, as do the AMG 18-inch light alloy wheels, which are painted in two colors. However, the lack of exterior customization options compared to other track day-exclusive cars on the market does leave a lot to be desired.

The Mercedes-AMG GT2 Pro balances functionality and comfort. Its intuitive Cube Controls steering wheel is an evolution of the design initially developed for esports and incorporates GT2 Pro-specific features such as Push2Pass. The cockpit is further enhanced by the latest generation central display featuring high-definition graphics, helping to keep you informed while you’re on track.

Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO

Image: Mercedes

But that’s not all. The interior is also adorned with exclusive, luxurious touches, like a varnished center console and special stitching on the driver’s seat. The inclusion of air conditioning as standard enhances your comfort during on-track sessions – a feature often discarded in track day cars.

The GT2 Pro is equipped with a robust carbon safety cell integrated within the chassis for enhanced protection. With a comprehensive array of safety features, including a five-point safety belt, a fire extinguisher, and an extrication hatch, you will be well-protected in any racing situation. The car also includes a racing ABS and an adjustable traction control, providing additional layers of security and performance management.

The Mercedes-AMG GT2 Pro is scheduled for market launch in November 2023. Each model is priced at 479,000 euros and comes with a custom car cover, high-quality racing apparel from Puma, and a customized Bell helmet in GT2 Pro design. This package doesn’t just add to the exclusivity of owning this car; it also ensures that you’re fully equipped for your track days. You’ll also gain priority access to the AMG Racing Series, offering an opportunity to refine your driving skills and compete against like-minded enthusiasts.



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