Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato Unveiled

FORTLOC Staff October 5 2019
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DBS GT Zagato and DB4 GT Zagato
DBS GT Zagato

In July 2019, Aston Martin revealed more information about the DBS GT Zagato, which will be part of the DBZ Centenary Collection, along with the DB4 GT Zagato Continuation. On October 4, the DBS GT Zagato made its debut at the inaugural Audrain’s Newport Concours in Rhode Island. The car comes with a powerful 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12 engine that delivers 760bhp.

With the DBS Zagato finally being unveiled, it gives the world a better glimpse of this car. The DBZ Centenary collection is a celebration of Aston Martin’s long-time relation with Zagato, the world-famous Italian coachbuilder, and design house. The two brands have been working together for close to 60 years.

The Exterior Design

The DBS GT Zagato, which is based on the gorgeous DBS Superleggera comes in what Aston Martin is referring to as Supernova Red, and will be exclusive to this model. It also features contrasting exposed carbon fiber accents as well as Satin Black and Gold wheels, which are 3D machined.

Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato Unveiled

As part of its high-end exterior fittings, the car features some fine jewelry, which takes the form of 18-carat gold wing badges in the rear and front. There is also a black anodized active front grille and gold anodized center lock wheel nuts and side strakes.

The Interior Design

The interior of the car on display is fitted with Caithness Spicy red leather. It also features Zagato ‘Z’ seat quilting as well as satin-twill exposed carbon fiber on the paddle shifts and steering wheel.

For the first time in car history, configurable metal and carbon fiber 3d-printed finishes have been used in the interior. A central design offers an impressive parametric, inter-locking form in three available finishes, which include Aluminum, printed Carbon, or Gold PVD (Physical vapor deposition).

Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato Unveiled

Additional Customization

Just like other Aston Martin offerings, the DBS GT Zagato comes with ‘Q by Aston Martin’, a specialized customization service. The service lets customers further customize their cars to end up with something truly unique. Everything from materials, parts, and finishes can be customized to meet the specifications of customers.

According to the Executive VP and Chief Creative Officer, the design studio at the company had successfully collaborated with Andrea Zagato and his team to turn the fabulous DBS Superleggera into something unique while maintaining the Aston Martin identity.

There’s little doubt that Aston Martin is going for a lot more than just a great driving experience with this collection beyond the ‘regular’ Aston Martin offering. If you’re expecting to see one driving down the street soon, we humbly suggest that you think again. You may stand a better chance of sighting a purple unicorn.


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