Bentley Continental GT Mulliner

FORTLOC Staff August 1 2020
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Bentley Continental GT Mulliner
Bentley Continental GT Mulliner

The new Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Convertable is the latest entrant in the British company’s Continental GT series and it comes in as the most luxurious of the bunch.

The car is designed and developed by Bentley Mulliner, the world’s oldest and arguably most sophisticated automotive coach builder. Being a Mulliner, the car comes with the most bespoke luxury package that you can find in a convertible on the market.

The Continental GT Mullinar convertible ships with two engine options, the first being a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, and the second being a 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged powertrain. Horsepower and torque figures aren’t stated; however, you’d be mistaken if those are the first things you look out for in a Bentley.

The V8 is able to accelerate from 0 -100 km/hr in 4.1 seconds while maxing out at a top speed of 318km/hr. The more powerful W12 engine accelerates from 0-100km in 3.8 seconds and maxes out a speed of 333km/hr.

Bentley Continental GT Mulliner

On the outside, the Mulliner Convertible comes with all the bits and pieces you’d expect from a top of the line Bentley, with some of the most outstanding features including:

an all-new and unique “Double Diamond” front grille, cut-crystal inspired headlights, Mulliner branded side vents, and newly designed 22-inch wheels that come with floating self-leveling wheel badges.

Buyers will have a range of 88 different paint shades to choose from with the company’s artists available to match any color from any item or sample that the buyers might fancy.

On the inside, the Mulliner Convertible comes jam-packed with as much luxury as a car can take, with more than 400,000 stitches spread all around the car’s cabin. There are eight custom three-color combinations that customers can choose from including an additional third accent color in the form of a unique design line.

Bentley Continental GT Mulliner

A distinctive Diamond-in-Diamond design is prominent on the interior with the pattern neatly stitched into all the leather on the seats, door casings, rear quarters, and the car’s tonneau cover. Bentley says the development of the embroidery process took approximately 18 months.

The center console houses a bespoke “Breitling for Mulliner” clock with an all-new brushed metallic face that is also present on the car’s LED instrument panel.

The car comes with a top of the range “Naim for Bentley” audio system that features a 2200-watt eighteen speaker sound system along with two Bass traducers. Also included are mood lighting LED lights with seven different themes.

Buyers will receive their car keys in a hand-crafted Mulliner-branded leather box that matches the car’s shades and accents.

Pricing and release details remain scarce at the moment however it won’t be long before we find out.

The Continental GT Mulliner Convertible is the first member of the new Collections portfolio by Bentley Mulliner and will make its global debut at Cheval Blanc in St Tropez marking the beginning of the European summer tour.





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