Alpine A4810 - A New Peak in Concept Cars?

Jarone Ashkenazi
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Designed by students at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) – a fashion design school in Milan, Italy - in collaboration with Alpine, the ‘A4810 Project by IED’ concept car was unveiled in March 2022. The students who are completing their master’s degrees in Transportation Design, came up with the hydrogen-powered two-seater supercar to provide a glimpse into just how sporty the future is set to become along with being more technologically advanced and environmentally friendly.

The 28 masters students were tasked with presenting their own take on the concept of sportiness and to design a ‘super berlinette’ for the year 2035, as well as championing the traditional characteristics of the French brand that was founded in 1955. Overseen by faculty staff and Alpine’s own design team, students worked to present their individual interpretation on the brief and ultimately Alpine selected a combination of the two main ideas.

The light yet powerful and agile concept car was given the name of A4810 Project by IED to convey Alpine’s legacy. Like a bridge connecting IED and Alpine, 4810 is the height in meters of Mont Blanc, the highest and most emblematic peak in the Alps that sits at the border between Italy and France. As such, the car is named after the very same mountains and evokes the joy of driving along its winding roads.


The two-seater supercar with the experimental combination of the shape of a berlinette with a hydrogen powertrain measures at length of 5,091mm wide, 2,010mm tall and has a wheelbase of 1,055mm. These dimensions make the concept be within a few millimeters of a modern LMDh racer in all dimensions.

Alpine A4810 - A New Peak in Concept Cars?

Its design gives the vehicle a lightweight look and aerodynamic features inspired by Formula 1 models and bring the brand to the cusp of the sports car category. With the aid of digital tools to design the interior through sketches, 3D models, renderings, animations and HMI (Human Machine Interface) development, the students were able to skillfully preserve the French spirit in design by focusing on the overlapping layers and sculptural aspects of the car’s silhouette.

Highlights of the exterior are the use of negative spaces, which are seen in the car’s sills and bodywork. Furthermore, the bi-tone colors, matte black and carbon fiber highlights create a bold contrast with each part of the car, making them stand out according to their function: aerodynamic, mechanical or formal.

This project provided Alpine with a platform to broaden its horizons to new generations of designers and drivers as well as the future of car production:

Alpine A4810 - A New Peak in Concept Cars?

“Collaboration with the Istituto Europeo di Design and its students has been a great experience. It was a ‘filter’ for us to see the brand through the eyes of the younger generation, but it was also an opportunity to share our passion and know-how, and give them sound advice for a successful career in automotive design,”

Those are the words of Antony Villain, Alpine Design Director. In particular, in incorporating hydrogen power supply, it means that they developed a full-fledged concept that is almost ready to take to the roads of a much more sustainable future, one without emissions.


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