Ferretti Group's Pershing 8X - Masterpiece of the X generation

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Pershing 8X luxury yacht

Image: Ferretti Group

A beauty in its own right, the 8X made its world debut in 2019 as Pershing's entry in the under 30-meter market segment. Owned by Ferretti Group, Pershing have made a name for themselves for offering high-quality yachts with top-of-the-range performance, and the Pershing 8X is no different.

Measuring 25.55 meters in length and 5.86 meters in width, the 8X is a result of a collaboration between long-term yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni and Ferretti Group's Product Strategy Committee, which, in case you didn't know, is led by Piero Ferrari.

The 8X carries over many of the features that make the 9X such a top-notch offering. The most important among them is undoubtedly the all-carbon-fiber body. Pershing mentions that the choice to use carbon fiber not only makes the 8X lighter and more efficient but also enabled the company's engineers to design larger and more comfortable spaces.

Pershing 8X luxury yacht

Image: Ferretti Group


Described as the "masterpiece of the X generation", the 8X features a design that is arguably sleeker and sportier than many yachts before it. The 8X incorporates design cues and components that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Take the stairway to the sun deck as an example. While many manufacturers treat the stairway as a functional feature that takes away from the beauty of a yacht, Pershing somehow manages to cleverly fit the stairway in the side wing. Not only does this provide access to the sun deck, but it also complements the yacht's overall aesthetic look. The stairway's clever placement also means that there's more space in the already spacious 22m² cockpit and on the 15m² sundeck as well.

Pershing 8X luxury yacht

Image: Ferretti Group

The boat's helm station is equipped with a retractable screen, with all other exterior areas of the yacht can be protected by biminis and sun canopies. Lastly, the yacht's aft swimming platform leads to a garage big enough to house one Williams Sportjet 345 jet tender and a jet ski.


Measuring in some 50m², the main deck is split into three spaces; the lounge, dining area, and the helm station. In the lounge area, a big C-shaped sofa is located on the starboard bulwark. A TV in the opposite direction is neatly integrated into a cabinet that opens with a sliding and rotating mechanism.

Pershing 8X luxury yacht

Image: Ferretti Group

The dining area includes a table that seats eight people along with low cabinetry on the two bulwarks. Designed in collaboration with Poltrana Frau, the yacht's helm station features top-of-the-range technology, pleasantly elegant upholstery, and an impressive sporty design. The lower deck houses four cabins, two crew cabins, three bathrooms, and an additional bathroom in the crew quarters.

Engines and Propulsion

Of course, performance is one of the tenets Pershing is based on, so as one might expect, the 8X isn't lacking in that department. Pershing offers several engine options with the 8X. With the standard configuration, you will get two MTU 16V 2000 M96 engines that deliver 2435mhp each. These give the 8X a top speed of 45 knots with a cruising speed of up to 38 knots. Pershing states that the maximum range is 320 nautical miles.

Pershing 8X luxury yacht

Image: Ferretti Group

Just like the 9X, the 8X's systems integrate propulsion control with maneuvering, navigation, and monitoring systems. When combined, these give captains a system that is both easy to use and intuitive.

Finally, Pershing also manages to incorporate a sound system dubbed "Music ∙ Hull" on the 8X. Developed in collaboration with Videoworks, the system enables both swimmers and divers to listen to music underwater. The 8X is a testimony to Pershing's emphasis on performance and luxury – two factors that justify its more than $6 million price tag.


Length: 25.55m , 83.83ft

Manufacturer: Pershing

Engine: MTU 16V 2000 M96

Cabins: 4

Top Speed: 45 Knots

Cruising Speed: 38 Knots



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