Street-Legal XX Cars - SF90 XX Stradale and Spider

Nida A 7/4/2023
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Ferrari SF90XX

Image: Ferrari

Ferrari's XX program arguably represents the pinnacle of automotive performance. Launched in 2005, it offers a select group of clients the unique opportunity to put the Italian marque's latest innovations to the test. Ferrari regularly unleashes specially-designed machines onto circuits around the world, pioneering new technologies for the brand's future cars. All models in the XX line-up have been track-only — until now.

With the introduction of the SF90 XX Stradale and Spider, the first street-legal XX cars, Ferrari has gone above and beyond to push the boundaries of performance and engineering. They'll produce just 799 Stradales and 599 Spiders.


With a V8 internal combustion engine and three electric motors, the XX Stradale and Spider share the same powertrain architectures as the standard SF90 Stradale. But look under the hood, and you'll find a myriad of performance improvements.

Ferrari SF90XX

Image: Ferrari

Ferrari has taken the successful F154 engine to the next level with the F154B: lighter and more efficient than its predecessor, it offers 797cv (30cv more than the 'regular' SF90 Stradale), an increased compression ratio, as well as modified tubing to enhance the signature Ferrari sound that we all know and love.

Three powerful electric motors generate an additional 233 cv and provide an all-electric range of 25 km. As with the base SF90 Stradale, drivers can manage hybrid power by selecting one of four pre-defined modes: eDrive, Hybrid, Performance, and Qualifying.

Ferrari SF90XX

Image: Ferrari

Ferrari's proprietary extra boost control logic system is an exclusive addition that owners will find in their XX Stradale. The system enables an extra burst of power to be deployed at critical moments around corners when in Qualifying mode. This level of control and performance is unparalleled in the Stradale's counterparts – making them even more impossible to resist.

Derived from the same eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox in the SF90 Stradale, the XX Stradale and Spider's gearbox features revised gearbox control logic technology pioneered on the Daytona SP3, improving both models' acceleration profiles. Furthermore, Ferrari has developed a new engine calibration that redesigns the SF90 Stradale's actuation sequence and optimizes the combustion chamber pressure cycle, further enhancing the iconic gear shift sound.


The XX Stradale boasts the most efficient aerodynamics of any road-legal car in Ferrari's history, delivering double the maximum downforce of the base SF90 Stradale. Its fixed rear wing — designed in close partnership with the Ferrari Styling Centre — works closely with the shut-off gurney to strike an optimal balance between downforce and drag.

Ferrari SF90XX

Image: Ferrari

Additional aerodynamic elements, such as a redesigned underbody, new louvers on the front wheel arches, and larger front splitters and diffusers, further improve downforce and stability, enhancing the XX Stradale's performance whilst giving it a distinctive and aggressive look.

Bold styling cues define the exteriors of both XX models, with the Ferrari Styling Centre carefully considering every detail to push the boundaries of traditional sports car design. From their sculpted curves to their attention-grabbing lines, futuristic LED headlights, and imposing front grilles, every element of their designs is a testament to their daring and performative characters. One thing's for sure; these stunning machines are sure to turn heads wherever you take them.

Ferrari SF90XX

Image: Ferrari


The striking interior design of the XX models perfectly aligns with their racing vocations by placing emphasis on weight reduction. Technical fabrics and simplified shapes have been incorporated into the door panels, tunnel, and mats, with similar material integrated on the lower part of the dashboard.

Ferrari has also integrated carbon-fiber elements into functional areas of the cockpit. For example, the bespoke racing seat, which features a carbon-fiber tubular structure and cushion supports, saves 1.3 kg compared to the SF90 Stradale.

Ferrari SF90XX

Image: Ferrari

The XX Spider's sleek, seamless design sees its flying buttress harmonize well with the carbon-fiber roll bars and sculpted front, giving the car a distinct character and setting it apart from the XX Stradale. With Ferrari's renowned Retractable Hard Top technology, its carbon-fiber roof will open in just 14 seconds at speeds of up to 45 km/h – allowing you to enjoy driving under any weather condition.

It remains to be seen whether the Italian marque will extend the XX branding to other road-legal cars.







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