2023 Mustang GT Gen3 Supercar

Kaweesa Abubakr 10/13/2022
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2023 Ford Mustang GT Gen3

Image: Ford

While Ford just announced three new models of their seventh-generation Mustang, the Michigan-based company is not done yet, this time adding an all-new racer to the Mustang line-up; the 2023 Mustang GT Gen3 Supercar.

Slated to compete in the 2023 Australian Supercars Championship, the GT Gen3 is a faster and more agile version of the newly released 2024 road-going Mustang, a car that typically needs no introduction.

Not to be confused with the also recently announced track-only “Dark Horse” versions, the GT Gen3 is the first Mustang to enter Supercars’ all-new Gen3 format and is also the first race car from the seventh generation Mustang to be unveiled with the company yet to reveal their GT3, GT4, NASCAR, and NHRA versions

2023 Ford Mustang GT Gen3

Image: Ford

The GT Gen3 shares the road-going car’s Coyote V8 engine. Producing at least 600hp in this case, the V8 5.4 liter V8 works in conjunction with an Xtrac six-speed transaxle gearbox. Design-wise, the GT Gen 3 comes with that iconic Mustang look and design that we’ve all grown accustomed to. Was it ever going to be any different though? The car's iconic 58-year old low roofline and long hood are synonymous with the brand and probably won't change any time soon

In comparison to the street-going version, the Gen3 adds a ton of new aerodynamic features to make it as competitive on the track as it can get. A larger hood and splitter are added to the front while a humongous wing and diffuser are the headliners at the back.

The GT Gen3 was revealed in a white paint job contrasted by black graphics and blue accents. The blue accents might fool you into thinking this could share some technology with the electric Mustang Mach-E but that is not the case. Ford didn’t share much of the interior but one should expect to find all the racing bells and whistles mandated by the FIA so forget about the road-going car’s “jet-inspired” digital cockpit for this one.

2023 Ford Mustang GT Gen3

Image: Ford

Along with the Dick Johnson racing team, the GT Gen3 will also be driven by Tickford Racing, Grove Racing, the Blanchard Racing Team, and new entrants, Walkinshaw Andretti United. While it certainly won’t be as common as we might have wished, our hearts are at peace knowing that Ford is still dedicated to producing loud muscle cars, for whatever occasion. As we all know at this point,  this won’t always be the case, so let’s enjoy them while we still can.



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