The Ford GT MK IV Edition

By Kawe S. December 18 2022
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Ford GT MK IV track-only car

Ford has announced plans for the production of what is expected to be the last model of the Ford GT; the Mk IV. This is a limited-edition track-only supercar that closely mimics the also recently announced 2022 Ford GT LM Edition. As a track-only variant should, the 2023 Ford GT Mk IV promises maximum performance with a unique powertrain, suspension, and body.

The Ford GT Mk IV is slated to be Ford's final track-only model from the GT lineup, just like the 2022 FORD GT LM is the last special edition GT. Ford intends to produce only 67 hand-built supercars to honor the original 1967 Le Mans-winning GT Mk IV race car.


The 2023 Ford GT Mk IV will ship with an 800-hp twin-turbo EcoBoost engine. With an extra 140hp over the 2022 Ford GT LM Edition.

Ford GT MK IV track-only car

0-60 time and top speed are yet to be announced, though the American company boasts that they created the new car to be "the most extreme version of the Ford GT". There's little reason to doubt that. Let's explore some of the features. An 800 hp engine, a race transmission system, and Multimatic's proprietary Adaptive Spool Valve (ASV) suspension. The result of the trio - we imagine - can only be a crazy fast machine with racing-grade gear shifts and top-notch handling. Not a bad thing to look forward to on track days in the coming year.

Exterior Design

Any credit for the new boy's improvement in performance shouldn't end with the additions mentioned above since the Ford GT Mk IV also features an updated aerodynamic exterior design that should make it difficult for any headwinds to curtail its motion and power.

Ford GT MK IV track-only car

Aside from the minimalistic headlights and interesting blue hue, the new car's more "sweeping changes" aren't as apparent to the eye. For instance, a wider longtail carbon fiber body not only aids with better aerodynamics but also keeps the car's weight in check.

In the same spirit, a giant rear wing, diffuser, air intakes, and roof scoop also give the car a rather more aggressive outlook than its road-going cousin. Obviously, these additions are not just there to enhance the aggressive look. These parts help with improving downforce and engine cooling.

Ford GT MK IV track-only car


Ford didn't reveal much about the GT Mk IV's interior design. However, we expect it to be a lot less lavish when compared to the Ford GT LM Edition's exquisite Alcantara and ebony leather-filled cabin.

Just like the 2022 Ford GT LM Edition, which is inspired by 2016 and 1966 LeMans winners, the all-new track-only Ford GT Mk IV also pays tribute to a legend from the past, only this time, it draws the curtains on Ford's iconic GT line. (However, for some reason, we get the feeling Ford will find an excuse to release one or two more "last" versions of the GT).

Ford GT MK IV track-only car

With only 67 units on offer, prospective buyers of the Ford GT Mk IV should be ready to fork out an eye-watering $1.7 million for the privilege of owning one. Ford plans to select buyers in the first quarter of 2023 and make deliveries in late spring 2023.



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