The SP-8 - Ferrari's amazing one-off F8 derivative

Kaweesa Abubakr 10/30/2023
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Ferrari SP-8

Image: Ferrari

The Ferrari SP-8 is one such car designed and developed for an undisclosed Taiwan-based client. The name is a nod to Ferrari's celebrated V8 engine and the number 8, which is considered auspicious in Chinese culture.

A derivative of the Ferrari F8 Spider, the one-off SP-8 borrows a lot from the former, bringing along its essence but ditching its retractable roof in its entirety. The car was designed by the Flavio Manzoni-headed Ferrari Styling Centre in collaboration with the unnamed owner and will be displayed at this year's Ferrari Finali Mondiali and later at the company's museum in Maranello.

Ferrari SP-8

Image: Ferrari


Ferrari's acclaimed 3.9 lier V8 twin-turbocharged engine beats at the core of the SP-8. While performance and power details are not shared, it wouldn't be a stretch to assume that the SP-8's performance would come close to the F8 Spider's 710 hp and 0-62 mph time of 2.9 secs. The same should be true about the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox that should send all power to the rear wheels.

Exterior Design

Forget about the engine for a moment; the SP-8 is all about the looks. While it largely maintains the F8 Spider's silhouette, the SP-8 takes a few design directions of its own while borrowing bits and pieces from other members of the Ferrari stable.

Ferrari SP-8

Image: Ferrari

The full-width cast aluminum grille is perhaps the most apparent inclusion at the front that eerily comes close to looking like a Lamborghini. The headlights are redesigned with special masks and lenses, while the windshield is "given the same treatment" as the 296 GTB.

At the back, the Roma's taillights make an appearance, while the exhaust pipes also get the 296 GTB treatment. The side profile of the car features specially designed five-spoke rims that add a modern twist to the classic F40's rims.

Ferrari SP-8

Image: Ferrari

The car's main styling theme, according to Ferrari, centers around the way its volumes fuse into one another with the unpainted carbon-fiber front wrapping around to the tail, creating a two-tone effect that perfectly complements the "special" matte Argento Micalizzato color of the bodywork.


Stepping inside, the central console has been modified to house the F1 gearbox commands, a mainstay in the Ferrari lineup since the SF90 Stradale. Laser-etched Navy Blue Alcantara seats coupled with gradient effect cloth and carpets are the material highlights.

Ferrari SP-8

Image: Ferrari

While you certainly won't be able to buy one, anyone who wants to have a closer look at the SP-8 will have to make it to the Mugello Circuit before the 31st of October or schedule a visit to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello between the 16th of November and March 2024. After that, the SP-8 will most likely be off to Taiwan to serve its owner.




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