The 21C Blackbird pays tribute to Lockheed Corporation's legendary aircraft, the SR-71

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CZinger 21C Blackbird

Image: Czinger

While the regular 21C itself took some inspiration from the SR-71, Kevin and Lukas felt a need to build a version that mirrors the character of the Blackbird even more.

CZinger 21C Blackbird

Image: Czinger

As for the 21C Blackbird, one just needs a quick glance at it to relate it to the aircraft that inspired it. So what does this new offering bring to the table?

CZinger 21C Blackbird

Image: Czinger

Most notable is the horsepower bump. The Blackbird comes with 1,350bhp (100bhp more than the standard edition), a custom exhaust that borrows its shape from the afterburners you’ll find on the SR-71, and the menacing yet impressive look that signals an encounter with an exceptional automobile.

In addition, the wheel design shows some similarities to the top view profile of the SR-71. Speaking of the wheels, the carbon rim and titanium hub center go beyond beautiful. It’s doubtful you’ll find better-looking wheels on any other car out there today.

Capping off the distinct exterior are the unique logos and graphics that make the car stand out more. However, though there were a lot of impressive cars on display at the Quail, it’s the paintwork of the exterior of the Blackbird that allowed Czinger to steal the show. The custom JET black paint along with exposed carbon surfaces, make it difficult to look away from the car.

CZinger 21C Blackbird

Image: Czinger

On the inside, you'll find the typical 21C inline seat configuration. Trimmed parts have a unique Alcantara pattern specifically designed for the SR-71 livery. The laser-etched material has a perforated backing in a perfectly contrasting orange color that adds to the appeal of the car. The exposed structural network in satin titanium and the black leather on the steering wheel and door spears put the final exclamation mark on what is an absolutely stunning interior.

There’s no denying the innovation behind the 21C, and paying tribute to the legendary SR-71 couldn’t be more appropriate.

Delivery of the 21C only marks the beginning of the Czinger vision. With the revolutionary technology this company is developing, it’s not hard to speculate that they hold more aces in car building than many of their rivals realize.

CZinger 21C Blackbird

Image: Czinger

In the press release, Lukas Czinger indicated that he watched a lot of Kelly Johnson (credited for his contributions to the development of the U2 and SR-71) documentaries growing up, and seeing the 21C Blackbird come to life is essentially a dream come true. Undoubtedly, Kelly Johnson would have been proud to see this iconic car.





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