Czinger Hyper GT - The Road-legal GT Hypercar

Kawe S 8/29/2022
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You probably haven't heard much about Czinger, A California-based automotive manufacturer. Founded in 2019 by Kevin Czinger, the company has spent the last few years designing and developing two cars they recently unveiled at The Quail; The Czinger Hyper GT and the tracked-focused 21C V Max hypercar.

Still a concept car at this point, The Czinger Hyper GT takes a super luxurious Grand Tourer like, say, a Rolls Royce, and gives a ton of performance upgrades and a more striking design, you know, just like something straight of a "Koenigsegg playbook." The result? A four-seater Grand Tourer that should get you across the country not just in style and comfort but also much quicker.

While you could say Czinger has been looking a little too keenly at the Koenigsegg Gemera, it's perhaps the best car to compare the Czinger Hyper GT with, as it's the benchmark for 2-door GT Coupes.

Engine and Performance

A hybrid, the Czinger Hyper GT comes packed with quite some punch. A 2.88-liter V8 engine drives the rear wheels while two electric motors are placed on either axle of the front wheels, a configuration borrowed from the 21C.

Czinger Hyper GT - The Road-legal GT Hypercar

Together, the three produce a mind-boggling 1233bhp and should give the car enough thrust to get close enough to the 21C's impressive 0 to 62 time of 1.9 seconds, but Czinger hasn't released precise details yet. For context, the Koenigsegg Gemera also does 0 to 62 mph in 1.9 seconds.


On the design front, the Hyper GT sure does look elegant a specific requirement for any car competing for the "Ultimate GT" title. But there's more to the new car than just elegance. Czinger says they designed the new car using the company's in-house 'human-AI' techniques.

Czinger Hyper GT - The Road-legal GT Hypercar

Most body components are 3D printed and made from advanced composite materials, which not only improves structural rigidity and cuts weight but also helps keep manufacturing costs down.

A drawback of the company's design process, however, is the fact that it is almost impossible to build cars on a massive scale, which probably explains why we'll be having only 80 units of the 21C and perhaps not a lot more of the Hyper GT (not that it will matter much in this price range).

When it comes to the actual design, the Hyper GT's design is a major departure from the track-focused 21C's. At the front, the Hyper GT sports an aggressive design with slim headlights and a meshed grill, while the narrow full-width taillight at the back is quite similar to what we've seen on many modern cars in recent times.

Speaking of the cabin, gull-wing doors should make entry and exit seamless, though the California-based company did not reveal much about the interior. They did, however, mention that it'll be roomy and comfortable enough for four adults.

The Czinger Hyper GT concept car is one that should get every petrolhead excited as it fills a section in the market that Koenigsegg has dominated for years. With some added competition, we could see more innovation and better cars in the near future and certainly better value for the consumer. Here's to hoping the Hyper GT does make it into production.







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