Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible

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Bentley has announced the new Continental GT Speed Convertible to complement their recently unveiled Continental GT Speed coupé. The convertible version is just as finely tuned as its hard-topped sibling, reaching the same top speed of 208mph. It also clocks in only 0.2s shy of the coupé's 0-60 time with a still-rapid 3.7s.

Performance-wise, it is a 6.0-liter W12 TSI engine delivering power to the wheels, coming in at 650 bhp. Bentley's All-Wheel Steering technology and its electronic rear differential should ensure stability on the road. And if owners are looking to put the Continental GT Speed Convertible through its paces on track, the optional carbon-ceramic brakes will aid the car's stopping power, too.

The Continental GT Speed Convertible has the option to run in Bentley, Comfort, or Sport mode. While the former places grip across the front and rear of the car, the latter sees rear-biased torque–split to assist the driver in pushing out of a corner's apex. The company claims that the on-throttle cornering control will be enhanced by the GT's traction management system while running in Sport mode.

But what good is all that power deployment without additional stability to work alongside the W12 engine? Well, Bentley has that covered. The active air suspension with adaptive damping will handle whatever the driver throws at it. The system should ensure comfort when traveling down the highway and give control when racing. Its electric motors make use of a 48V anti-roll control system. Up to 1300 Nm are delivered almost instantly to counter any body roll the car detects under cornering.

Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible

So far, the differences between the Continental GT Speed's convertible and coupé models are few. However, there is no doubting the roof is a distinct offering not available with the standard model. Owners will be able to choose an exterior and interior finish for the retractable roof. The foldaway design sees the soft top electronically withdraw or deploy in 19 seconds. The new roof boasts functional improvements from its predecessors, as well. Drivers and passengers will both benefit from a three-decibel noise reduction on average while cruising.

As one might expect from the luxury car manufacturer, exquisite design is at the forefront of the Continental GT Speed Convertible. Customers have a variety of customization options, both inside and outside the car. In the most British of ways, the Z-fold roof is even available in a tweed finish. The 22" wheels can match the rest of the car with a Dark Tint option, as well as a Black Gloss or Bright Silver. Presumably depending on how much attention the owner is seeking to find.

Customers can choose from 15 primary and 11 secondary hide choices to personalize their Bentley's inside. Regardless of their color choices, comfort is all but guaranteed when driving with heated seats, heated armrests, and a heated steering wheel. Furthermore, the seats come with an improved neckwarmer, featuring an updated styling choice to make it consistent with the look of the 'Bentley bullseye' air vents.

If you're a Bentley fan, it's hard to argue against placing an order. So long as you don't reside in EU27, the UK, or any other market where it won't be available.





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