DBS GT Zagato Details Revealed

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DBZ Centenary Collection
DBZ Centenary Collection

Several months ago Aston Martin revealed sketches of the DB4 GT Zagato, and now the company has offered a sneak peek of details of the DBS GT Zagato. The two cars are now shown in drawings side by side in what the company terms the completion of the DBZ Centenary Collection. The DB4 and DBS versions show that the company is settling in on final exterior designs in what one company says “ will be focused on more than just beauty.”

That may be an understatement as the beauty of the two GT Zagato’s is breathtaking. One car, the DB4 features all of the trappings of a retro-styled sportscar with the classic Zagato look. Fully modern but with a shout-out to the company’s past. The DB4 is already in production, which means the new DBS version will go into production starting in 2020. Again, Aston Martin is showing an impeccable look for the DB4’s new sibling.

The DBS takes carbon fiber construction to new levels. The wide, and tall, front grill looks fast and intimidating. And, it’s composed of 108 carbon-fiber 3D molded pieces that are closed when the car is off making it flush. Now, start the car and the pieces “flutter into life,” according to PR material, allowing airflow to the engine.

The design also features a seamless line from the front grill over the hood vent and across the back of the car which has no rear window – more on that below. The hood and side vents, if operational and not just for looks, seem to indicate that designers have downforce and cooling in mind. Meaning, some provocative specs may be coming soon about transmission, suspension, and braking. We already know that the DBS will feature a v12 twin-turbo powerplant.

DBS GT Zagato Details Revealed

To complete the overall look, Aston Martin has included sporty headlights, and a well-designed backend complete with a sharp crease that exaggerates the line of the rear wheel wells. And, “exaggerates” is not negative here by any means. The line from side mirrors over the rear tires and across the back of the DBS is amazingly clean.

About that rear window; or lack thereof. The DBS GT Zagato will not have a rear window as the roof of the car, and the flow down the back of the vehicle will be made of one piece of carbon fiber. The rear-view mirror will be a “camera-operated rear view central mirror” with no disadvantages to the driver.

The upcoming The DBS GT Zagato is stunning and is a modern take on the retro feel of the DB4. There may be some modifications to the design as there always is when a car moves from the artist’s mind to production. But this is a fantastic starting point. The only drawback to car enthusiasts may be the marketing plan for the two cars. As of now, the cost of the two GT Zagato models in the DBZ Centenary Collection is right at $8 million US dollars for the pair. Only 19 of each model will be produced, and you can’t buy them separately. After all, it’s not a “collection” if you only have one!







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