Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate - A 'Ferocious farewell' to the Super GT

Elijah D. 1/21/2023
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Aston Martin DBS 770

Image: Aston Martin

Green is not a very exciting color. When you think of green, your likely first thought will be of vegetables you were forced to eat as a child or the ones your cardiologist is forcing down your throat now. But the marvelous designers at Aston Martin have managed to make green look cool. From their F1 livery to the street cars they manufacture, you'll find a few examples of what I had considered an impossible task. The newest example of the "Cool Green" is Aston Martin's newest DBS, the 770 Ultimate.

Aston Martin fans will be familiar with the DBS as it's an iconic model from the brand. For the uninitiated, the original DBS was used in the 1969 movie "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". Subsequently, different models of the DBS have featured in high-profile movies and television shows. Perhaps, the most recent example is its use in the Bond movie, No Time To Die in 2021.

While the design has certainly come a long way since the original, Aston Martin is now attempting to make a lot of literal noise with the newest model of this iconic car. As you can see, the press shots feature what we have now named "Cool Green" to emphasize how remarkable it is to make green attractive. Perhaps, you're sensing my previous disdain for the color, but that's a subject for another day.

Aston Martin DBS 770

Image: Aston Martin

With a name like 770 Ultimate, it's fair to assume that the carmaker is trying to make a statement, and there's little doubt that it is precisely Aston Martin's intention. After all, this is supposed to be the last iteration in the current generation of the DBS. The company's press release calls this car "the most powerful production Aston Martin ever". The press statement also states that the car is a "Ferocious farewell" to the company's Super GT flagship (a likely reference to the dramatic soundtrack and aggressive look). So what is this 'Ultimate' car packing under the hood?


The car comes with a 5.2-liter V12 engine that produces 770PS at 6500rpm and 900Nm of torque. This helps move the 770 Ultimate to a top speed of 211mph. Noteworthy engine features include modified air and ignition pathways and a 7% increase in maximum turbo boost pressure. Working together with the engine to delight the driver is a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission and a rear-mounted mechanical limited-slip differential. All these enhancements mean you'll need something special to slow the car down when necessary, and here, you'll find Aston Martin's Carbon Ceramic Braking system.

Aston Martin DBS 770

Image: Aston Martin

Other notable features that may not be readily apparent are the front lateral stiffness which has been improved by 25% for maximum performance feel and response. There are also improvements to the Adaptive Damping System via unique damper calibration and software tuning for better control without compromising the ride quality.

A V12 engine certainly needs good cooling. At the front, you'll find a horseshoe engine vent and a new front splitter that integrates two new outboard vents to help with the cooling while also adding to the allure of the DBS. Form and function at its finest.

Design and Interior

For some of the more visible features, the DBS comes with the familiar Aston Martin look. Changes for the DBS 770 Ultimate include a 2x2 twill carbon fiber cantrail, mirror caps, and fender louver. Visually lowering the side profile towards the rear wheel is a carbon fiber sill element that also emphasizes the car's aggressive look.

Aston Martin DBS 770

Image: Aston Martin

Speaking of the wheels, the 770 Ultimate comes with 21" wheels. Inspired by those you'll find on the Valkyrie and Victor models, these wheels are available in multiple finishes, including a Satin Silver finish for that extra touch of opulence. P Zero tires from Pirelli complete the look with different front and rear configurations.

On the inside, you'll find Sports Plus seats with semi-aniline leather and Alcantara finish, along with a quilt and perforation pattern as standard. If you would rather go for something more interesting, Aston Martin's performance seats are also available as an option.

Aston Martin DBS 770

Image: Aston Martin

Of course, other Q by Aston Martin options are available to help you reduce the weight of your wallet. These include Q liveries, painted wheels, woven leather seat inserts, and a carbon fiber steering wheel.

To cement the significance of the car, you'll find a set of sill plaques with the Aston Martin wings, the DBS 770 Ultimate logo, and the numbering to indicate the car's position as one of 300 coupes or 199 Volantes.

Production of the new car will commence in the first quarter of 2023, and deliveries will likely start in the third quarter of the year.



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