Queensland Raceway - V8 Supercar Driving Experience

V8 Supercar
V8 Supercar
V8 Supercar

Queensland Raceway is a V8 race car experience in Queensland Australia. These touring cars have a championship series in Australia called the Supercars Championship. While the cars are not high-end exotics or GT race cars, they are equipped with V8 engines and the experience is relatively affordable. However, the important question is whether this is good value for your money.


The cars are custom built naturally aspirated V8 race cars with the livery to show off. Some of the constructors for the related racing series are Ford, Holden, and Nissan. However, you only get to choose between a Ford and a Holden for the experience. The cars come with manual transmission so if you don’t know how to drive one, you either need to learn before you go or remove this experience from your to-do list.

Customer Care/Safety

While customer care and safety were reasonable for the experience, it is essential to state that the weather can be an issue after suiting up. Given that there might be a waiting period of about an hour from the time you suit up to the time you drive, this is something to pay attention to. It doesn’t help that the cafe is a few hundred meters away. If you’re going in the summer or anytime the weather is fairly warm, it might be a good idea to take plenty of water with you or buy some before suiting up.

Race Track

The race track is used for the Supercar championship (a touring car racing category) in Australia. It’s a 1.95-mile track that’s comparable to some of the non-GP tracks used by other driving experiences. This is definitely a decent track. Like most other race tracks, it’s a fair distance out of town so be prepared to do a fair amount of driving to get there.

Experience Video

The quality of the Experience video is poor. It might be the worst we’ve encountered, but that’s not saying much since bad videos are very common in the driving experience business. Certainly not worth the additional price tag.

Bottom Line

Compared to other driving experiences, we can’t categorize this as top-notch, but maybe it doesn’t need to be. It cost less than the premier experiences and is a good way to experience a race car (racing suit and all) without breaking the bank. The organization was not the best as they appeared to have more drivers than they should for the time period. The weather can also be a significant issue so prepare to be well hydrated before the experience. If you’re able to live with these shortcomings, you’ll likely have fun. Just don’t expect too much.

  • Cars
    7/ 10
  • Customer Care/Safety
    8/ 10
  • Race Track
    7/ 10
  • Experience Video
    3/ 10

Score: 4 Star

Location: Queensland, Australia

Relative Cost: $

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