Bentley Continental GT & GTC S - Centered around the driver

Jarone A
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The newest addition to the Bentley family comes in its Continental GT lineage with the launch of a new S range. This automobile adjusts the Bentley grand touring experience with significant enhancements – all centered around the driver. From exterior design and interior upgrades, the new S range adds to the recent ‘“Wellbeing behind the Wheel” concept launched with the comfort-centric Azure range.

Engine and Performance

With the arrival of these two models, owners can enjoy a package of performance-focused design and engineering features building on the 4.0-liter V8-powered automobile. Delivering 0-62 mph in just 4.0 seconds, the new S range retains the 542 bhp and 770 Nm engine, but Bentley enhances their offering by fitting a sports exhaust as standard. In addition, the Bentley Dynamic Ride - the advanced 48V electric active anti-roll control system – enhances the agile character of the car.

Exterior Design

Now to the assertive and purposeful exterior design. Starting with the black gloss radiator grille and black brightware, the distinctive S badging on the front fender makes the S model pop with dramatic effect. Furthering the black exterior design are its dark-tinted front and rear lamps for greater presence accentuated by the brightware in gloss black.

Bentley Continental GT & GTC S - Centered around the driver

While there are limitless choices of exterior colors they’re paired with, another external enhancement is the all-new 22” wheel option, with five Y-shaped spokes, which an owner can choose to finish in either gloss black or a new pale Brodgar satin finish. Red-painted brake calipers sit behind the wheels, adding even more pop and presenting a sportier finish.


Its interior is also performance-focused but with a flair for the dramatic. Its two-tone color split is unique to the S models, and Bentley complements it with the suede-like properties of Dinamica – ideal for the steering wheel, gear lever, seat cushion, and seat backrest. Leather hide is also used in a multitude of locations to offer a tactile contrast of finishes which the Continental GT & GTC S proudly display on the seat bolsters, door pads, and more.

Bentley Continental GT & GTC S - Centered around the driver

Both the Continental GT S and Continental GTC S present a bold and powerful exterior, all whilst offering dynamic performance and onboard comfort. Unfortunately, there’s no current information about pricing, but we expect to see prices in excess of its standard GT cousin’s $199,000 price tag.



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