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SF90 Stradale – Ferrari’s First PHEV

By Kent W. July 17 2019

SF90 Stradale


SF90 Stradale



Ferrari has entered the plug-in hybrid vehicle market with a bang! The famed carmaker introduced the SF90 Stradale, which is its first production Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). The car fully represents the styling that Ferrari is known for as well as power and performance. This PHEV has a  V8 turbo engine which instantly sets it apart from other hybrid vehicles.

The car, which was announced in May, combines a 90° V8 turbo engine that can deliver 780 cv which is Ferrari’s highest power output of any 8-cylinder in the manufacturer’s history with three additional electric motors, known as the Motor Generator Unit, Kinetic (MGUK), delivering 216.90 HP/220 cv. That’s just at 986 HP combined. The placement of the three electric motors includes one between the engine and the transmission and two on the front axle. The method is borrowed from Formula 1 racing showing the connection Ferrari has between racing and production cars.

The front electric motors give the SF90 Stradale a full-electric front axle with dynamic controls that independently govern the torque between the two wheels. The system is known as the RAC-e (electronic cornering set-up regulator). The driver has complete control of how the motors are utilized simply by selecting one of four power modes. The system seamlessly manages the flow of power between the V8, the electric motors, and the batteries.

The body (multi-material technology including carbon fiber) screams Ferrari as it combines some classic design lines with air intakes at the front and sides used to cool brakes, the motors as well as batteries. They also assist in downforce – and they have help! The SF90 also features a patented system (shut-off Gurney) which regulates the airflow over the upper body reducing drag at high speeds. The system also senses braking and changes of direction when driving into corners and automatically increases downforce.

The rear spoiler generates 390 kg of downforce at 250 km/h. The speed numbers are equally impressive. The standing start numbers come in at 0-100km/h in 2.5 sec and 0-200km/h in just 6.7 seconds. The car also includes a completely redesigned 8-speed, oil-bath, dual-clutch transmission.

The cockpit is placed closer to the front when compared to other Ferrari designs to better balance the weight of the car and reduce drag. The driver compartment is highlighted with all of the comfort features that the manufacturer is associated with. The most prominent feature is the touchpad located on the steering wheel, which allows drivers to effectively navigate the central cluster screens with their thumbs. The instrument panel is entirely digital using a 16 inch curved HD screen for a sharp look.

The SF90 Stradale is a beautiful combination of classic Ferrari power and styling with the newest tech associated with Hybrid vehicles. The result is a vehicle that quickly disposes of any preconceived ideas of what an “electric” car can and should be.


SF90 Stradale
SF90 Stradale
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