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Xtreme Xperience – Driving experience nomad

Xtreme Xperience is what we like to refer to as the nomadic driving experience because well, that’s what it is. The company takes their cars to different race tracks across America. This makes their service more accessible (assuming they have a location near you). However, due to the nomadic nature, their dates aren’t flexible. It’s also important to find out about the race track you’re planning to go. Otherwise, you may be disappointed.


Xtreme Xperience has a fairly decent collection of cars, but they trail the market leaders.

Customer Care/Safety

The guys at Xtreme Xperience are lively and humorous, and the check-in process is very courteous. The safety briefing is also as good as any. However, due to the nomadic nature of this provider, you may be exposed to the elements during the briefing.

One thing that’s a little odd is the fact that they charge extra for a discovery lap. That’s not the case at any of the other competing experiences we’ve attended. This is also the only supercar driving experience we’ve encountered that uses a “safety car” to set the pace.

Race Track

Here’s where things get a little tricky. The quality of race track varies as they move around. One thing I’d say. Avoid the Grandsport Speedway in Houston. That track is not particularly good for pushing a car to its limits.

Damage Liability

Unlike a lot of competing experiences, you have to pay for insurance separately, and you can’t opt out. None of their options has a 0 deductible. I guess this is their way of making sure you’ll be careful when driving. We think it’s a little dubious though. If its mandatory, the cheapest one should be included in the advertised price. Major minus here.

Experience Video

The quality of the video isn’t bad, and the branding isn’t excessive either.

Bottom Line

Xtreme Xperience has a collection of well-maintained cars, and the availability of multiple locations is a definite plus but then their schedule has to work for you. The insurance issue also raises concerns.


3 Star

Location: Multiple Locations

Website: Xtreme Xperience




  • Cars 80% 80%
  • Race Track 60% 60%
  • Customer Service 70% 70%
  • Safety 90% 90%
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