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Porsche Experience Center (LA)

Porsche has different experience centers around the world. The one in Los Angeles is a relatively new addition to the collection. Manufacturer driving experiences are mostly just a sales pitch (think of them as an extended test drive). Anyone looking to put a Porsche through its paces will be left wanting more. While the facility is designed to allow customers test out the different capabilities of the cars, it’s hard to justify the amount of money spent. If you’re looking to buy your next Porsche and you don’t mind spending money on a test drive, this is the experience for you. Others looking to toss a Porsche around on a race track need to look elsewhere.


There’s a collection of new Porsche cars to choose from. At the time of our visit, they didn’t have the GT3 RS or Turbo S available to drive (never mind the fact that they had a GT3 RS on display) . It’s worth noting that Fortloc visited the center on the first day of service and at the time of writing this article, they still don’t have a GT3 RS available for driving! I guess we shouldn’t expect to see the new GT2 RS anytime soon.

Customer Care/Safety

The receptionists kept people waiting unnecessarily which was rather annoying given how much you pay for this experience. Major points off for this. In addition, there was no formal safety briefing. You get introduced to your instructor, and you’re off on the track.

Race Track

There’s a pattern here. The manufacturer experiences don’t have interesting tracks but they do have multi-purpose courses that allow you to assess the capabilities of the cars. The Porsche experience center does have a very comprehensive set. You’re likely to enjoy the launch control lane which has a Nurburgring inspired feature at the very end.

Damage Liability

There’s a $10,000 deductible for any damage. You can reduce this to $2000 by paying $50 more before the experience.

Experience Video

Porsche doesn’t offer any video at this location. They won’t let you make one either.

Bottom Line

Adhering to the pattern for manufacturer experiences, this is nothing but a glorified test drive. It’s worth mentioning that there is plenty of Porsche eye candy at this location. In case you’re wondering about the 919 hybrid or 911R, sorry these are for display only. One advantage manufacturer experiences have over other driving experiences is the fact that you spend a lot more time in the car. Whether that’s better than tossing the car around on a race track is up to each person to decide.


3 Star

Location: Los Angeles, Califonia

Website: Porsche Experience Center (LA)

Cost: $$

  • Cars 70% 70%
  • Race Track 40% 40%
  • Customer Service 40% 40%
  • Safety 70% 70%
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