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Dubai Autodrome – The perfect city compliment


The Dubai Autodrome offers race car, supercar and open wheel experiences in the amazing city of Dubai. This is a premier experience as you’d expect and you’ll find some cars here that you won’t be able to drive anywhere else unless you’re a member of the motor-sports community. It’s important to note that this is mostly a race car experience so you won’t find a variety of supercars.



While the list of cars is limited when compared to other premier experiences, the Dubai Autodrome does offer the McLaren 12C Sprint and the Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport. For the uninitiated, these are very capable GT race cars, and at the time of our visit, you won’t find these at any other publicly available driving experience.

Customer Care/Safety

While customer care can usually be taken for granted, it’s worth pointing out that customer care here is exceptional. The members of staff are very helpful, and the atmosphere is very comfortable.

The Safety briefing is as good as any other top-rated experience, and proper safety gear is offered depending on the selection one chooses.

Race Track

While this isn’t a Grand Prix race track, the track does host different motor-sports events in the region. It is a relatively long track with a good number of exciting straights and chicanes.

Experience Video

If you’ve read a number of our reviews, you’d know that the videos are generally not worth the money. Unfortunately, it’s no different for this provider. In fact, the video costs a little over $70 which is on the high side considering what you get. Certainly not worth the money.

Damage Liability

The initial cost of the experience does not cover damage liability. However, you can pay an extra $24 to remove this liability.

Bottom Line

The Dubai Autodrome is more of a race car experience than anything else. The only supercar they have is an Audi R8. Having said that, this provider has GT race cars that you won’t find anywhere else. We certainly recommend checking out the GT4 Clubsport if you’re a Porsche fan. You won’t regret. The availability of 2 great race cars coupled with excellent customer service and flexible cancellation policy earns this provider our editor’s choice award.



5 Star (Editor’s choice)

Location: Dubai, UAE

Website: Dubai Autodrome Experiences

Cost: $$



  • Cars 85% 85%
  • Race Track 80% 80%
  • Customer Service 90% 90%
  • Safety 90% 90%