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Andretti Racing

Andretti Racing is one of many open wheel experiences available to the public. The cars are classified as Indy Style (not particularly clear if these are actual indy cars or not but the name sure implies that). Unlike a lot of other driving experiences out there, Andretti Racing offers their experiences at multiple locations across America. That’s great in the sense that you won’t necessarily have to travel too far to enjoy the experience. That might be where the positives end though.


As advertised, there’s only one kind of car available. The “Indy Style” car which presumably means it’s some variant of the car used for the Indy car racing series. One awkward thing about these cars is the fact that they don’t have rear view mirrors so you have to rely on radio communication to know what’s going on behind you.

Customer Service/Safety

The customer service here is lacking significantly. I ordered my experience at the Charlotte Motor Speedway and travelled a very long distance (from the west coast) only to be told that the event was cancelled due to rain from the previous day (it wasn’t raining on the day of the event). It really would have been nice if they took the trouble to inform me the day before. Then, I would have been able to cancel my flight. To make matters worse, getting an apology out of them was like pulling teeth. Not to mention the fact that they sent me an email saying the event was on shortly after the phone conversation informing me of the cancellation. A clear sign that they lacked co-ordination.

When I called in to re-schedule, I asked what would happen if a weather issue happened again. They stated that they would keep pushing it out as they have a strict no refund policy. The lady even went on to articulate how strong their legal position is (I was tempted to see if the courts would agree with them).

On the day of the rescheduled event (5 months later!), the radio communication in the car was awful. There was so much static interference that I couldn’t really hear what the instructor was saying. I had to pull over to get the radio replaced and the replacement wasn’t better by much.

Race Track

Like the Indy car series most (if not all) of the race tracks are oval race tracks which I personally find extremely boring but that’s just an opinion. A lot of participants seemed to enjoy the track just fine.

Damage Liability

Full insurance with no deductible is included unconditionally at order checkout for $39.

Experience Video

The quality of video is good and the brading on it isn’t overly excessive.

Bottom Line

Before anything else, it’s important to note that most driving experiences run “rain or shine”. Andretti Racing appears to be the exception. A look at some yelp reviews also revealed that the last-minute weather cancellation isn’t an isolated incident. Given how one-sided driving experience contracts are (a subject for another article), it’s only fair that that cancellation should be done in a timely manner. Ultimately, I’d say this experience should be avoided at all cost. There are other open wheel experiences out there that are better organized.


2 Star

Location: Multiple Locations

Cost: $$

  • Cars 50% 50%
  • Race Track 50% 50%
  • Customer Service 10% 10%
  • Safety 50% 50%
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