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Gothenburg, Sweden – The city by the northern lights

Gothenburg, Sweden
Feskekorka, Gothenburg, Sweden
Big Harbor Canal and Christina Church, Gothenburg, Sweden
Gothenburg is situated on the west coast of Sweden. The city lies just over five hours southwest from Sweden’s capital Stockholm, which is located on the opposite side of the country. Gothenburg differs significantly from Stockholm and travelers will immediately find that the second city doesn’t copy its bigger sibling.

Many say Gothenburg is ‘more European’ than other Swedish cities. While that may be true, tourists will be mesmerized by the city’s attractions. From amazing amusement parks to Formula One experiences that cannot be missed, Gothenburg is a city that shouldn’t be overlooked when planning a vacation.


Top tourist attractions


Slottsskogen is an amazing 338-acre park and zoo located in the center of Gothenburg. Tourists can walk through the Slottsskogen and see wildlife roaming around the zoo. During spring and summer, a farm and petting zoo opens up for the entire family to explore. The Slottskogen also provides trails for hikers, bikers, and joggers. The best thing about Slottsskogen is it’s free to visit.

Volvo Museum

Sweden is famous for two companies. One of which is flat-pack furniture company Ikea and the other is the automobile manufacturer Volvo. The car brand has its museum located in Gothenburg, and whether travelers are fans of Volvo or not, it makes for a fun and educational experience. The museum charts Volvo’s history from its first car in 1927 up to today’s models. Along with full-time exhibits open to the public, the Volvo Museum houses temporary showcases that take car enthusiasts back to the early days of the company.

Liseberg Amusement Park

Liseberg Amusement Park is as old-school an amusement park as they come. Tourists will find adrenaline-pumping rides, roller coasters and more at the fun park. Liseberg is home to the AtmosFear, the tallest free-fall ride on the European continent. It is bound to put a scare into anyone who rides it. Award-winning wooden roller coaster Balder brings back memories of rides from yesteryear. Meanwhile, the Liseberg Wheel offers park goers amazing panoramic views of Gothenburg. In all, 40 rides can be found at the amusement park along with concerts, food stalls, and games. 

Rajamaki Driving Experience

Less than a 2-hour drive from Gothenburg is the Anderstorp race track. Built in 1968, it is the only Formula One race track in Scandinavia. Despite the Swedish Grand Prix not being run since 1978, there are still other events held at the track throughout the year. One of the most popular reasons to visit Anderstorp is to attend the Rajamaki Driving Experience. The driving experience offers three different packages to customers. The differences in packages are based on the driving time visitors get on the track. Drivers will get the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Williams FW29 Formula One car driven by Nico Rosberg and Alex Wurz. Drivers who complete the day-long course will receive a Formula One driving certificate before leaving.


Seeing Gothenburg by paddle boat is one of the most popular tourist experience in the city. While tourists whizz around other European cities on buses to see all of the sights, travelers to Gothenburg do it by boat. The tour takes visitors through 17th century canals and moats that snake through the city. Travelers will explore the city and its famous landmarks as the tour guide tells them about Gothenburg’s history and the great sites in the city. Paddan tours run each day from March to October.

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The Aeroseum is one of Gothenburg’s coolest museums. Located in a declassified Swedish Air Force bunker 30 meters below the Earth’s surface, the Aeroseum offers visitors the chance to experience the museum hands-on. The museum’s website states “The displays are presented in experience-based, experimental and educational formats”, which makes it perfect for families with young kids. Children will have their interest in aviation stimulated as they learn about technology and science in relation to airplanes. Simulators, games, and learning stations are all provided to visitors to explore. The Aeroseum offers guided tours to guests along with exhibitions that teach visitors all about aviation.

Gothenburg is a city vastly different from its Nordic brethren. Called “the little London”, Gothenburg is a destination filled with fun outdoor sites, educational museums, and adrenaline pumping driving experiences. It is definitely a Scandinavian city worth visiting.

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