Puritalia at Salon Privé

Puritalia Berlinetta
Puritalia Berlinetta

The Geneva Motor Show is always packed with headlines about new vehicles coming to the marketplace. One of the headlines came courtesy of Italian sportscar brand Puritalia Automobili. The company announced its latest and most powerful sports car and caught a lot of attention at the show. Now, Puritalia has stated that it will be showcasing the Berlinetta at the 2019 Salon Privé show.

According to information released by Puritalia, the “SuperHybrid” Berlinetta will sport a front-mounted V8 engine and assisted by a rear parallel mounted advanced axial flux electric motor. The result is a combined power of 965 hp / 1,248 Nm torque with a top speed of 208 mph. The driver will have the choice of four different driving modes. Three of which will be set to different performance levels with one being reserved for tweaking to the drivers “individual” likes and style.

The Berlinetta is a two-door coupe with an exterior that offers classic sports car lines which take a step away from other offerings by rivals due to the front-mounted V8 (unlike the new Corvette Stingray which is going with a mid-engine design). The Puritalia’s front hood curves brilliantly into the rear wheels and diffuser. Air intakes and cooling vents are well placed and lend to the sleek look.

The car is built on a Hybrid carbon-fiber/ aluminum chassis and features a carbon-fiber central “tub” with aluminum sub-frames and innovative suspension plates. The suspension plates are fully CNC machined from a single aeronautical aluminum billet. The look of the Berlinetta is completed with Pre-preg carbon-fiber body panels.

As for the interior, it’s an Italian sports car – so let your imagination run wild! It features a snug and yet comfortable compartment complete with Italian Nappa leather seats and generous use of carbon fiber to emphasize the exclusivity. Add to that the latest in audio and a digital dashboard armed with a 12.3-inch high-resolution display and car lovers the world over are paying attention.

The Berlinetta is a solid entry into the hybrid sports car market for Puritalia Automobili. The powerful V8 engine combined with the Puritalia flux electric motor produces more than enough HP for drivers to take to the track in a stylish manner! However, it’s not likely that many of the only 150 that will be produced we ever go near a race track. The company currently has the price tag set Euro 465,000 + VAT with the opportunity for buyers to personalized via the Puritalia customization program.



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