The Pagani Imola - Worthy of the Name?

Pagani Imola
Pagani Imola

During our visit to the Pagani Museum in December 2019, we stumbled upon a camouflaged car that had us wondering. With the announcement of the Imola, it’s likely that’s what we saw. The Imola is a limited edition hypercar that was named after the legendary racetrack on which it was fine-tuned. Only five cars of this model have been produced and it goes without saying that all have been sold.

The Imola underwent over 16,000km of track testing. To put that in perspective, that amounts to approximately three 24 Hours of Le Mans races.

Engine Specifications

The Imola is powered by a Mercedes Benz AMG V12 5.98-liter engine that generates 827 hp and 1100 Nm of torque. In the transmission department, the car comes with a 7-speed automated manual gearbox that is fitted with an electromechanical differential. The transmission transfers all of the engine’s power to the rear wheels.

Innovative Aerodynamics

One of the most impressive aspects of this car is the aerodynamics. Pagani wanted to make a car that felt and drove just like an F1 car and as such had to come up with designs that would put aerodynamics at the forefront. As a result, Pagani managed to produce a car that is not only very fast but also very stable on the road.

However, the Imola’s advanced aerodynamic design is also important for safety. For instance, designers lowered the ground clearance to boost the downforce effect by utilizing the flat bottom of the Hypercar. Also added to the car is an active aerodynamics system that adjusts the car’s winglets according to existing road conditions and also when braking.

Suspension and Braking System

The Imola’s suspension comprises of independent double wishbones, helical springs, and electronically controlled shock absorbers. The shock absorber system is connected to the Central Unit that is responsible for active aerodynamic control, gearshift control, and differential control.

The Pagani Imola - Worthy of the Name?

With the incorporation of the SMART GAS system, Pagani was able to reduce shift time while enhancing the driving experience. The Imola comes fitted with Brembo 4 ventilated carbon-ceramic discs with 6-piston monolithic calipers installed on the front wheels and 4-piston monolithic calipers installed on the rear wheels.

Pagani Imola
Pagani Imola

Extreme Weight Reduction

The Imola’s central monocoque is made of Carbo-Titanium HP62 G2 and Carbo-Triax HP62 composites. This helps to reduce weight while boosting the torsional and bending stiffness. To further cut down the weight, the design team introduced the Acquarello Light, which is an innovative painting system. This allowed the company to reduce weight by 5kg without compromising on shine, depth, or color richness. The car weighs an impressive 1246 kg.

Pagani says that the Imola was designed with a lot of input from the customers at all stages of development. Each unit will cost €5 million (+VAT).