Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series - A Track-Day Beast

Kawe S

An even more exclusive version of the AMG GT Black Series, the all-new Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series is the latest track-only entrant into the AMG stable, and it sure is quite an addition. Looking like an absolute track-day beast and touted as the: "most powerful customer sports car ever to have been developed by Mercedes‑AMG," the all-new car is here to celebrate AMG's 55th anniversary, with an unprecedented number of just 55 examples.


As you might have guessed, the AMG GT Black Series' 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine makes an appearance here, however, in this case, It's a bit more tuned for a more race-worthy experience.

Largely due to the addition of custom motorsports injectors, the track-only car comes with a significant power increase over its street-legal predecessor with an impressive 778hp and 627lb-ft of torque. The engine comes paired with a sequential Hewland HLS six-speed gearbox which channels all the power to the rear axles.

Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series - A Track-Day Beast

Mercedes-AMG revealed neither the top speed of the car nor the 0-60 time, but with the added aero package and increased power output, it's safe to assume that it will be faster than the already impressive 202mph top speed and 3.1 second 0-60 time of the Black Series.

Exterior Design

Just like the car it's based on, the even more exclusive Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series is a pretty mean-looking machine. While buyers should be able to choose from a host of color options, AMG revealed the car in a semi-gloss finish of "MANUFAKTUR Cirrus Silver Magno." The finish is contrasted by Red and anthracite accents giving the GT Track Series a look that screams exclusivity.

To improve aerodynamics, AMG tweaked the front splitter, added a larger air intake on the hood, tweaked the adjustable rear wing, and added louvers to the front fenders.

Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series - A Track-Day Beast

Weight savings were also high on the agenda, with large portions of the car made from lightweight carbon fiber materials. These, among other improvements, lead to the car's rather impressive weight of 3,086lb – about 600lb lighter than its road-going cousin.


Being a track-only car, the interior is stripped of all sorts of luxuries. Instead, customers will find instruments and safety tools that would not only make a day out on the racetrack that much more enjoyable, but also meet FIA regulations. Developed in collaboration with Cube Controls, the car's steering wheel is kitted out with all the functions a driver needs while on the track and is adjustable to suit different drivers.

Also adjustable are the peddles, which the company says can be "individually adapted to the driver's physique." On the carbon and matte dashboard sits a BOSCH display Unit that feeds the driver with all the information he or she needs. A high-tensile steel roll cage comes as standard, as does a five-point safety harness customizable ergonomic seat.

Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series - A Track-Day Beast

The Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series price starts at €369,000 (about. $400,000) with deliveries scheduled to commence in Q2 2022. Buyers can choose to configure their car with a seat and helmet ventilation system, drinking system, a passenger safety cell, and a spare parts starter set – all are optional upgrades.



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