GMA Announce Racing Version of T.50

GMA T50s

Seemingly not content with the challenge of designing the pure innovation that will be the T.50, the renowned Gordon Murray is creating a high-powered track version of his highly anticipated next release. With a codename of T.50s, this newly announced sibling is a racing-focused supercar free from the shackles of road production, allowing Murray to extract everything from the design of the T.50.

The new car will have a ‘historically-significant’ official name, which GMA will disclose at the global reveal later this year. It appears that Gordon Murray’s reputation is enough for some, however, as over half of the 25 racing T.50s cars are already pre-sold. Murray expects even higher interest in the £3.1m (plus tax) beast now that the performance details are public.

Some headline numbers of the T.50s include a weight of 890kg, a Cosworth V12 capable of outputting 720bhp, and a 1,758mm rear delta wing that helps the car generate 1,500kg of downforce alongside the 400mm rear fan that runs at a permanent 7,000rpm. In short, the T.50s will be something unique.

Gordon Murray Automotive has looked for improvements everywhere. There are hundreds of revisions in comparison to the road version of the T.50. The aero package, for example, features a new front splitter, underbody aerofoil, and adjustable diffusers. These complement the wide rear delta wing, which takes inspiration from the 1983 Brabham BT52 F1, also designed by Murray.

Another motorsports influence on the aerodynamics is the aero fin addition. It runs from the top of the T.50s to the tip of the rear lip, further enhancing the cornering stability of the car and funneling air to the rear wing. The T.50s will be capable of generating 2.5G-3G when braking. When speaking of the aero, Murray says that “The aerodynamics are so effective that the T.50s would be capable of driving upside down, and could do so at as little as 175mph.”

Away from the aerodynamics, the engine also has undergone an overhaul, with no less than 50 components changed. There is a new free-flow exhaust system, revisions to the cylinder heads and camshafts, and a modified roof-mounted ram-air inlet. This inlet adds energy to the engine as the car’s speed increases allowing the generation of further power, worth around 30hp.

Partnering the engine is a bespoke transmission system. There are new gear ratios to deliver the maximum speed from the car, helped by a new six-speed Instantaneous Gearchange System (IGS) pre-selector system from Xtrac. Gone is the road car’s manual gear selection too, with the paddle-shifters replacing them, further reducing weight and prioritizing track performance.

Even the steering wheel has undergone a revision, with a rectangular carbon fiber F1 design. Unlike the dozens of buttons in an F1 cockpit, however, the T.50s only has the essentials. Drivers can select traction and launch control, a neutral selector, and pit-lane intercom buttons.

Every single one of the 25 future owners of the T.50s will receive a set-up and training package with adjustments to the driver’s preferences and driving style. Tweaks to the suspension, chassis balance, and the rear wing will ensure an optimized experience for every owner. Production begins in Q1 2023.