76 Bahamas Super - When you want a convertible yacht

Kawe S 3/17/2023
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A convertible Yacht - Riva 76 Bahamas Super


Does your heart melt at the sight of an exotic convertible car? Well, here's the thing, you can take your "convertible love" out to sea too. A restyle of the Riva 76 Bahamas that debuted in 2016, the 76' Bahamas Super joined Riva's exciting and growing line of convertible yachts in the latter half of 2022, bringing along with it a couple of aesthetic and functional upgrades that made an already popular offering even more desirable.

Whether you want to cruise on the Mediterranean sea or lounge in the sun off the South Beach coast in Miami, this fabulous boat is ready to satisfy your maritime desires.

Measuring 23 meters long and 5.75 meters wide, the 2016 Riva 76 Bahamas was built on the 76' Perseo Super's naval platform and was a result of the collaboration between design house Officina Italiana Design and Ferretti Group, and that's no different here.

A convertible Yacht - Riva 76 Bahamas Super


Aft Platform

The aft platform on the Bahamas Super is small but functional, with a retractable swim platform for easy access to the ocean and a stern garage capable of holding a 3.25-meter Willaims tender. From here, a pair of stairs on either side of the garage ascend to the cockpit.

Main Deck

The Bahamas Super's relatively spacious cockpit features a large sun pad aft, a chaise lounge, and a small but comfortable sofa, making it the perfect spot for outdoor relaxation and socialization. As part of the upgrade, the Super's sun pad comes equipped with "advanced technology and home automation solutions," including armrests with built-in panels for controlling the lighting, stereo systems, and stern door.

A convertible Yacht - Riva 76 Bahamas Super


As is typical with Ferretti's yachts, a double-curved laminated glass windscreen with a polished stainless steel frame separates the cockpit from the restyled, contemporary-looking lounge area. On the starboard, you'll find a dining area with an L-shaped sofa and a teak table designed to seat a maximum of 8 guests.

On the portside, you'll find a refrigerator, ice maker, sink, an optional grill or TV screen, and a couple of storage compartments in the bar area. Further forward, you'll find the boat's updated hi-tech helm station. Equipped with a trio of touchscreen monitors and pair of seats, the helm station comes with Riva's latest navigation and monitoring systems, including an updated Xenta electro-hydraulic steering system.

A convertible Yacht - Riva 76 Bahamas Super


Without a doubt, the headline feature of the boat is the retractable carbon top, also known as the C-TOP. Retained from the original 76 Bahamas, the C-TOP is lifted by two carbon arms and rises from the deckhouse to a position over the cockpit. Deployable in less than a minute, the C-TOP converts the boat into a coupe or open-top, offering protection from the elements or uninterrupted views.

Lower Deck

Belowdecks, you'll find three cabins; a twin cabin, a guest cabin, and the master suite. Each with its own en-suite bathroom, the cabins, just like the lounge, come in Riva's iconic contemporary design and are supplied with natural light thanks to the boat's large hull glazings.

A convertible Yacht - Riva 76 Bahamas Super


The luxurious master suite features a large bed, a closet, plenty of storage compartments, and a flat-screen TV. The VIP/guest suite lies in the bow, while the twin cabin and a fully equipped galley/lounge area sit between the master and VIP cabins.

Engine and Performance

As standard, the Riva 76' Bahamas Super comes powered by two MAN V12 engines, which produce a combined 3,100mhp and give the boat an impressive top speed of 32 knots and a cruising speed of 28 knots. If you're looking for more power, you can opt for a more capable setup that includes a pair of MAN V12 engines producing 3600mhp with a top speed of 37 knots and a cruising speed of 32 knots.

A convertible Yacht - Riva 76 Bahamas Super


Riva has a rich history in boat making, and even though they have a good variety of boats, it's not difficult to identify a Riva boat. Even a casual observer will notice the properties without trying too hard. That sleek design is present in every offering from the company, and the convertible 76' Bahamas Super certainly has the qualities that make it unmistakably a Riva boat. With its sleek convertible design and powerful engines, this yacht should be the boat to beat in its class, a testament to the impressive engineering we've grown to expect from the Ferretti-owned brand.



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