Exotics Racing, Las Vegas

Exotics Racing is an amazing exotic car driving experience located just fifteen minutes away from the Las Vegas strip. This experience is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and it's certainly something all petrol heads visiting Las Vegas should consider. In fact, our first experience here was part of the inspiration for fortloc. But don't tell them that!

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Supercar and race car driving in Vegas

Interestingly, the best exotic car driving experiences are in desert locations on two different continents. The Mojave desert in Las Vegas, Nevada, has two of them, and the United Arab Emirates has two too. Exotics Racing is one of the two in the Mojave desert. It recently moved its operations away from its previous location near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to the facility at Speed Vegas.

This move is good news for two reasons. The first is the experience is now closer to the strip and Las Vegas airport, so you won’t have to deal with the long drive to the Speedway. The second is you now have a remarkable collection of supercars to enjoy on the longest straightaway in Las Vegas. Add to that the off-road and karting experiences, and you’ll only find comparable services in perhaps one other location on the planet.


Exotics Racing has an extensive collection of supercars that's relatively up-to-date. Current top supercars on the list include the AMG GTR, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS and the Lamborghini Huracan STO. The list of available cars grows every few months, so there's always a reason to go back. Not to be outdone by the other big player in Las Vegas, Exotics Racing has also acquired race cars, including a McLaren 570 GT4 and a Ferrari 488 GTB. While it still doesn't have as many race cars as its rival, these additions have certainly closed the gap.

Supercar and race car driving in Vegas

Customer Care

Exotics Racing seems to have a great corporate culture around humor and this radiates from most of their employees. However, their check-in process can be slow. They have a VIP room for folks interested in driving multiple cars (there’s a minimum amount required to qualify for a spot in the VIP room). While the room is equipped with comfortable furniture and a nicely stocked refrigerator (no alcohol of course!), the location in the building is a little odd as it shields the occupants from the race track and often felt like a “time out” room more than anything else.

Supercar and race car driving in Vegas


The safety briefing at Exotics Racing is as good as it gets. The session includes a recorded lesson as well as an instructor-led lesson. The instructors are lively and will make you feel comfortable if you're intimidated by some of these cars. The cars here are fitted with pedals on the instructor's side just in case the participants make a bad call while driving. After all, let's not forget that for many participants, this will likely be the first time manoeuvering a car on a race track, so it's not unreasonable to expect that mistakes will be made.

Safety is taken very seriously at Exotics Racing, so they don't compromise on their safety measures. That includes disallowing additional cameras in the car. While this may be seen as rigid, it's important to remember that driving on a race track can be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. The last thing you want is to lose concentration because of a falling camera.

Supercar and race car driving in Vegas

Race Track

The race track at Speed Vegas is 1.3 miles long with a long straightaway that offers the opportunity to go faster than at any other track open to amateurs in Las Vegas. As if that wasn't enough, it also includes eight turns and features corners that allow you to appreciate the capabilities of the cars you choose to drive. The track also features safety barriers and run-off areas, so there's little need for even first-timers to be intimidated.

Damage Liability

Full insurance with no deductible is included in the price you pay for the experience. While that may not sound interesting, it's worth noting that some other experiences charge extra for this, and in many cases, the price can be exorbitant.

Supercar and race car driving in Vegas

Experience Video

The quality of the video is okay but the branding on it is excessive. It feels like they should be paying you for the video.

Supercar and race car driving in Vegas

Bottom Line

This is a great destination for driving supercars on a race track where the only limit to how fast you can go is how brave you are. While I wouldn’t recommend going to Vegas just for this (unless you’re like me), if you’re in Vegas for a conference or some other event, you should consider trying out Exotics Racing. It’s one of the best track driving experiences out there.

  • Cars
    10/ 10
  • Customer Care
    9/ 10
  • Safety
    9/ 10
  • Race Track
    8/ 10
  • Damage Liability
    10/ 10
  • Experience Video
    7/ 10

Score: 5 Star

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Website: Exotics Racing

Relative Cost: $$



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