Toulon – A historic French port town

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Toulon is situated on the south coast of France and kisses the Mediterranean Sea. The French seaside city has a little over 170,000 citizens. Toulon is considered a part of the French Riviera although it may not have the high-luxury appeal of other locations on the coast such as Monaco or Nice.

Located just one hour from Marseille, Toulon receives fewer than 200,000 tourists a year. Anyone who wants to get away from other travelers and enjoy a French city like a local should choose Toulon as it is the perfect destination.

Toulon may not be the first city one thinks of when traveling to France, but it is a perfect place to go on holiday.



Local Favorite: Tapenade

Tapenade was invented by Chef Meynier in 1880 at the La Maison Doree Restaurant in southern France. Since its invention, tapenade has become synonymous with the southern region of the country. Traditional tapenade is made by crushing capers and black olives. The crushed mixture is combined with anchovies and tuna before spices, pepper, and olive oil are added. Tapenade can be spread onto bread and enjoyed with a glass of wine, or as a side to a meal. It is also consumed by dipping vegetables or bread into it. Tapenade's ingredients are considered incredibly healthy resulting in the spread being labeled a so-called "superfood".


Opéra de Toulon

Opéra de Toulon

La Tour Royale

La Tour Royale

Plages du Mourillon

Plages du Mourillon

Stade Mayol

Stade Mayol

Mont Faron

Mont Faron

Top Tourist Attractions

Mont Faron

Mont Faron is the most famous landmark in Toulon. Standing 1,916 feet tall, Mont Faron provides a beautiful backdrop to the city. The best way to reach the top of Mont Faron is by the Téléphérique du Faron cable car. Of course, travelers can walk up the mountain, but the cable car provides exceptional views of the Bay of Toulon and the surrounding area.

Musée Mémorial du Débarquement

The Musée Mémorial du Débarquement, or Allied Landing Museum, is for any history buff. Located at the top of Mont Faron, the Musée Mémorial du Débarquement has artifacts and exhibits based on the 1944 allied landing at Toulon. It is the perfect destination for any former military members on holiday in France or anyone with a family member that fought in World War II.

Circuit Paul Ricard

The Circuit Paul Ricard was built in 1969 by eccentric businessman Paul Ricard. In 2018, the French Grand Prix returned to the circuit after a 27-year hiatus at the famed racetrack. Petrolheads can attend the French Grand Prix each June or experience one of the other great race events hosted by the circuit throughout the year. There are a number of events hosted here from motorcycle races to GT and endurance car events. Visitors can also tour the circuit when visiting.

AGS Formule 1

AGS Formule 1 ran a Formula 1 team from 1986 to 1991. Now, the company offers driving courses for motorsport enthusiasts. Petrolheads can take part in a number of different driving courses and feel the power of real Formula One cars. AGS offers half-day and full-day driving courses, and each gives learners the chance to select their preferred racecar. The driving courses take place at either the Circuit Paul Ricard or the Circuit du Luc-en-Provence. Each location offers learners an exciting experience. A driving course with AGS will provide learners with one of the most in-depth driving experiences around.

Toulon beaches

Toulon’s Mediterranean Sea location makes it ideal for anyone who wants to get some sun and swim in the coastal waters. The Mourillon beaches are European Blue Flag beaches. The award is only given to the best beaches on the continent and is a sign of high quality. There are other beaches located down the shoreline that offer solitude for visitors. The little coves are surrounded by pine trees and give a quiet, isolated feeling to visitors.


Toulon Old Town

Toulon’s Old Town is awash with beautiful southern France architecture and charm. Visitors will find narrow cobblestoned streets and tiny alleyways in the Old Town. They are fantastic to explore, and visitors will find a wealth of cafes, restaurants, and shops to stop off. The city’s tiny artisan shops can be found in the Old Town and tourists can buy French-made products to take back home.

Toulon Port

Travelers can see million-dollar yachts cruise in and out of Toulon Port each day. The busy port has a promenade with shops and restaurants lining it. Toulon is famous for being one of the two main French naval ports. The Porte de l’Arsenal is a historic military location. It is home to workshops and military ships. Tourists can embark on ferry tours from Toulon Port and visit some of France’s most beautiful Mediterranean islands.

Toulon is an idyllic southern France holiday spot. The city is full of great history and unique tourist attractions. It is also home to the French Grand Prix and offers car enthusiasts plenty of excitement.

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