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Monaco is a small city-state on the French Riviera. Covering a total area of about 0.780 sq miles, it is the second smallest country in the world. The city-state is the home of the Monaco Grand Prix; arguably the most iconic race on the Formula 1 calendar.

The race’s host city is a unique destination and thanks to its vast Mediterranean sea coastline, high profile casinos, and the Grand Prix, a large number of people travel to Monaco each year. Being a tax haven, Monaco is home to the rich and famous and playground for Europe’s elite.

There are a number of reasons to visit Monaco. The small principality has beaches, casinos, and incredible shopping just waiting to be discovered. There are also restaurants, cafes, and bars lining the city streets. If all that isn’t enough, there’s also no shortage of scenic views along the Mediterranean coast that make any driving tour unforgettable.


Pan Bagnat

Local Favorite: Pan Bagnat

While a sandwich may not sound very interesting when talking about cuisine and delicacies, there’s something rather special about the Pan Bagnat. This sandwich comes stacked high with anchovies or tuna (some varieties come with both), hard-boiled eggs, and raw vegetables, topped off with olive oil, salt, and pepper. All these go into a round french bread, sometimes rubbed with garlic. It’s also worth noting that the bread is essentially drenched in olive oil. Given its ingredients, you can think of the sandwich as a tuna salad wrapped in bread. Also popular in neighboring Nice, the sandwich is usually available in bakeries and markets. On your next visit to Monaco, be sure to try this special "tuna salad".


Casino de Monte-Carlo

Casino de Monte-Carlo

Prince's Palace of Monaco

Prince's Palace of Monaco

Exotic Garden of Monaco

Exotic Garden of Monaco

Saint Nicholas Cathedral

Saint Nicholas Cathedral

Opéra de Monte-Carlo

Opéra de Monte-Carlo

Casino Square

Casino Square

Top Tourist Attractions

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is famed for its glitz and glamour. It is the region of Monaco that packs the most financial might. The rich and famous here aren’t afraid to show off. Visitors will find a seemingly endless collection of extravagant automobiles and Michelin-starred restaurants in the area.

The Casino de Monte-Carlo is claimed to be the most beautiful casino in the world. It has featured in many blockbuster movies including James Bond films like “Never Say Never Again” and “GoldenEye”. Its fame has made it very popular among visitors to the principality.

Casino Square

One of the most iconic locations in Monaco is Casino Square. You can’t really claim to have visited Monaco without stepping into Casino Square. It is surrounded by several high-end restaurants, shops, luxury hotels like Hotel de Paris, and high-profile casinos, including the world-famous Casino de Monte Carlo. Of course, the road cutting through Casino Square is also part of the street circuit used during the Monaco GP, making it a must-visit spot for any formula1 fan.

Monaco Top Cars Collection

Situated in the Fontvieille district of Monaco, the Monaco Top Cars Collection is a museum housing the personal collection of cars that belonged to Prince Rainier III. The Prince, who passed away in 2005, was famed for marrying Hollywood actress Grace Kelly in 1956. Rainier acquired the automobiles over a thirty year period. The collection was re-organized in 2012 when some of the original cars in the museum were auctioned off. However, there are still plenty of amazing cars to see including the Bugatti Type 35 which was driven to victory in the first ever Monaco Grand Prix in 1929.


Palais du Prince

The Palais du Prince is the official home of the Prince of Monaco. The gorgeous palace overlooks the Mediterranean Sea from its perch high atop a hill on the Le Rocher Peninsula. The palace’s private apartments are open to the public to view. However, they are only available at specific times during the year. Not only is the palace beautiful, but it also offers a view of Monaco’s past. The palace’s changing of the guard is one of the unique activities to witness when visiting the royal home and it takes place every day at 11:55 a.m.

Monaco Grand Prix

Even travelers who are not Formula One fans have heard about the Monaco Grand Prix. It is one of the most popular races of the F1 season and is one of the three pillars of the Motorsports Triple Crown. Travelers visiting Monaco should plan their trips around the Grand Prix to see the principality come alive. The race day atmosphere cannot be beaten by any other motorsport event.

Musee Oceanagraphique

There doesn't seem to be a better home to a museum that studies marine life than the cliffs of Monaco that overlook the Mediterranean Sea. The Oceanagraphique prioritizes conservation and research to help tackle some of the biggest issues affecting our planet. The museum is home to a vast array of marine species, interactive displays, and historical artifacts.

Le Jardin Saint Martin

Located in the heart of Monaco's Old Town, this beautiful garden is a perfect place to break up your day in Monaco. Featuring stunning views down through Monaco to the Mediterranean, the peaceful atmosphere will make the noise of Monaco's bustling streets seem miles away. The park also contains some stunning plant species and an array of statues.

Moneghetti District

Off the beaten track of central Monaco, the Moneghetti district's narrow streets will give you a whole other experience of Southern France. Filled with quaint charm, the cafes and boutiques that line the streets will allow you to experience all Monaco has to offer away from the popular central attractions.

Cruise the Mediterranean coast

Monaco only has a coastline of 2.38 miles, and there is no better way to explore the coast than in a souped-up supercar. Travelers can head out of the principality and down the French Riviera as the Mediterranean Sea breeze blows through their hair. Drivers can book a Ferrari, Lamborghini, and other dream cars to speed around the French coastline with car rental companies in Monaco.

Monaco is an exceptional vacation location, especially for car enthusiasts. But regardless of one’s hobbies, the principality is a brilliant destination for holidaymakers as its unique allure makes it one of the most glamorous vacation spots on the planet.

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