London – 'The Big Smoke'

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Name: London Heathrow Airport

Code: LHR

Terminals: 4

Types: Ride-Hailing, Taxi, Bus, Train

Ride-Hailing Uber, Bolt, Blacklane

icon There are various bus companies available at the Airport. A journey by bus to the city center takes between 40 to 90 minutes.

icon There are numerous trains to London from Heathrow Airport. The Heathrow Express train is the fastest way to travel into central London.

icon Several taxi providers available. All Terminals have an approved taxi desk and an authorized taxi rank.

1 equals

Types: Ride-Hailing, Taxi, Bus, Train

Ride-Hailing Uber, Bolt, Blacklane

icon London's iconic double-decker buses are a convenient and cheap way to travel around the city. The buses are all cashless so you'll need an Oyster card, Travelcard or contactless payment.

icon The London Underground rail network, also called the Tube, is the best way to travel to, from and around central London

icon The iconic metered London Black Cabs are the most convenient option, and can be hailed in the street. Minicabs can be a cheaper alternative, however, they cannot be hailed in the street.

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In 2019, 21 million visitors traveled to London setting an all-time record. The English capital is regularly voted as one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. With its eclectic combination of history and modern attractions, it is no wonder why so many people descend on London each year.

London isn’t just the perfect destination for history and royal family buffs. It is also a great holiday destination for any car enthusiast looking for a great vacation. So, where should you visit while in “The Big Smoke” on holiday?

Top Tourist Attractions

Buckingham Palace

If there is one destination you must see in London, and there are a lot of them, it is Buckingham Palace. The London residence to the Royal Family, Buckingham Palace is iconic and unforgettable.

The Royal Family and the sights dedicated to it generate over £500 million a year. Buckingham Palace is the chief reason people travel to the city when it comes to the Royal Family. The changing of the guard is a unique experience. It is an opportunity to see the pomp of the British elite. When the Royal Family is away in the summertime, visitors can tour the state rooms in the palace and get a taste of what life is like inside.

The palace is also centrally located in London, and it gives visitors the chance to get to other tourist attractions quickly. The parks nearby are perfect for strolling through, and playgrounds are nicely situated for families with children.

British Museum

London is full of great museums like the Imperial War Museum, Tate, and the National Gallery, but the British Museum tops them all. There is so much to see at the museum that you will probably need more than a day to see it all.

London Bus Museum

The London Bus Museum has preserved many of the old buses that ran around the city years ago. The museum gives visitors the chance to explore the history of the city’s buses. But the museum isn’t just a trip down memory lane. Visitors will learn about the mechanics and evolution of engineering that went into the buses.

Open seven days a week; you will be able to see 30 buses on display. Throughout the year, the museum hosts events including Transport Fest and Brooklands On the Bus. A trip to the London Bus Museum provides an excellent look into the city’s past and to see just how far public transport has come.

Mercedes-Benz World

Located about an hour’s drive from London is Weybridge, where you will find Mercedes-Benz World. From guided tours and play areas for the kids, there’s something here for all members of the family. Mercedes-Benz World has driving experiences ranging from track driving to 4x4 off-roading. Each one gives you the opportunity to sit in a Mercedes/AMG car and feel the adrenaline flow through your veins. Whether you want to go on an off-road experience or drive an AMG GT R for half a day, there is a package that will give you the chance to fulfill your desires.


The main building at Mercedes-Benz World is filled with incredible exhibits and visitors can spend an entire day exploring its three floors. One of the top attractions is the “View Suspended II” display. This display shows the different parts of a Formula One car with each piece hanging from a cable connected to the ceiling. It’s a “must see” for every Formula One fan.

Brooklands Museum

While visiting Mercedes-Benz World or the London Bus Museum, it is easy to visit the Brooklands Museum at the same time in Weybridge. It is located on the site of Brooklands motor racing circuit. The site is renowned for being the birthplace of British motorsports and aviation.

While there are fantastic permanent exhibits to view, the museum has a wide range of festivals and events throughout the year. Whether it is automobiles or airplanes, motorcycles or bicycles, Brooklands Museum has an exhibit that will educate you on the topic.

There is also a 4D theatre that provides intense experiences that are more like rides than films. Take a lap around Le Mans, soar through the air as a part of the Red Arrows or get behind the wheel of the Napier-Railton driving experience. You can also tour the museum’s Concorde airplane and sit in the cockpit of the Concorde simulator.

London’s variety of museums, history and tourist attractions makes it a unique travel destination. Whether you are just looking for something to do on holiday or going specifically with car enthusiast destinations in mind, London is a perfect holiday spot.