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classic car
Aston Martin DB5
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, Audi R8 V10 Plus, McLaren 570S, Ferrari 458 Italia

Car chase Heroes is a UK based driving experience provider. Unlike most of the providers we’ve visited, they have a large variety of car types from modern-day supercars to old school movie cars. These include gems like the Ford  GT40 and Optimus Prime. That’s right; “Transformers” fans get to try out the leader of the Autobots. The provider is a “nomad provider”, so they offer their experiences at different race tracks in the UK. That flexibility is mostly a good thing.



Ok, maybe we said a little too much about this subject in the intro but to be fair, it’s one thing that sets them apart from other providers. Comparing them to other supercar experience providers, their modern-day supercars are a little dated and limited in number. However, the variety of cars available makes up a little for this.

Customer Care/Safety

While the members of staff are friendly and helpful, be prepared for serious up-selling. If you’re one who doesn’t tolerate aggressive up-selling, this isn’t the place for you. They will get under your skin.  Other than that, the safety briefing was decent enough, and the café was open so refreshments were readily available. Do pay attention to the terms before you purchase. Like most providers, it’s a one-sided contract.

Race Track

Our experience was at Blyton Park which is one of many locations the experience is available at. Nothing mind-blowing here. It’s certainly not a GP track, but most people will find the track challenging enough. The track has multiple configurations and the one being used is the “North Inner Circuit” – one of the shorter configurations.

Damage Liability

Damage liability costs an extra ₤25 and its pretty much a no brainer. No point driving with the risk of having to pay for damages. It is optional so if you’re feeling lucky, you can skip it but that’s probably a bad idea.

Experience Video

Like many providers, Car Chase Heroes have an experience video you can purchase (see a sample below). As with other providers, there’s nothing particularly exciting here but they get extra points for not covering the video with logos like the big dogs do.

Bottom Line

It’s hard to imagine not having fun at a Car Chase Heroes event. The variety of car types makes it more interesting than most, and it is a relatively affordable experience. On the downside, the supercars are dated (relatively speaking), and they’ll do well to take it easy on the up-selling. Another downer is the fact that being a nomad experience, they have fixed dates for different locations so you have to plan accordingly. All in, we’d recommend Car Chase Heroes as a relatively affordable experience. Just don’t expect too much.

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3 Star 

Location: Multiple tracks in the UK

Website: Car Chase Heroes

Cost: $$

  • Cars 70% 70%
  • Race Track 80% 80%
  • Customer Service 65% 65%
  • Safety 90% 90%
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